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Sinful Man Deeds - Story about Judging Others

Sinful Man Deeds – Story about Judging Others

Once in a kingdom, it was habit of a King to disguise and make visits, to keep check on needs of his people. One day while he was out with his minister, he reached edge of city where he saw a man lying. King saw that many people passed by but no one came to…

Is there a Person who is Great but Not Famous - King and Scholar

Is there a Person who is Great but Not Famous?

One day, King came to meet a scholar and asked, “Is there such a person in this world who is great but people of world don’t know about him?” Scholar smiled and politely replied to King, “We do know most of great people of the world. There are many people in the world who are…

Virtuous Man and Sage Story - Ways to Help Others

Virtuous Man and Sage Story – Way to Help Others

Once upon a time, a very virtuous person along with his family went for a pilgrimage. After going several miles, whole family started feeling thirsty. Water that man was carrying with him had run out. It was month of June and there was no water to be seen anywhere and his child started getting dehydrated….

Why One Should Keep Doing Good

Why One Should Keep Doing Good! (Must Read)

Many time in life we see that good people have to suffer and evil people get awarded. This story May help one to understand this a little. Narad Ji always used to roam around. One day he saw that a cow was trapped in a swamp in the forest. Cow tried a lot but couldn’t…

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids - Helping Other and Misunderstanding Moral

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids

One day a woodcutter was passing through the forest. At one place, he saw an eagle trapper in a trap placed there by a hunter. Woodcutter felt pity toward that eagle. He checked around to see if hunter was near by and then seeing no one he ran toward trapped eagle and freed him from…

Farmer and Nobleman Story - Always do Good Inspirational Short Story

Farmer and Nobleman Story – Always do Good

Once there was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while working, he heard a cry for help from near by bog. He dropped his tools and ran to bog. There he saw a boy terrified and screaming stuck in bog up to waist. He was struggling to free himself. Farmer quickly acted and saved boy…

Beggar and Chapati – Never Do Wrong

Once in a village, lived a woman who used to make chapati for her family members and would always make one extra chapati for any hungry passerby and used to keep that extra chapatti on window sill of her kitchen, for whosoever needed, would take it. One day, a beggar came and took chapati and…

Helping Stories with Moral - Benefits n Goodness of Helping Others Stories

Benefits of Helping Others..!

Story 1: Helping Others..! Once in a village lived a boy name Shiva. He belonged to a poor family and to help his family he would go to forest to get some wood to sell in market and earn some money. One day while returning from forest he saw an old man. When asked man…

Stories of Goodness - Inspirational Moral Story abt Doing Good to Others

Farmer Goodness Story

Once upon a time, in a village lived a farmer who was very kind and good nature. His name was Shankar. He lived in hut with his wife and children. He had a small piece of land and earned money by selling whatever crops he could produce on this land. Shankar was kind and used…

How Karma Works Friends Story - Importance of Doing Good Moral Story

How Karma Works – Two Friends Story.!

Once there were two friends, One was Gurmeet and other was Manpreet. They were very good friends. Gurmeet believed in God but Manpreet didn’t. Gurmeet would wake up early in morning, take bath and recite holy hymns and was always engaged in doing good works while Manpreet would stay in bed sound asleep and spend…

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