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Person at the Door - Heart Warming Story about God

Person at the Door – Heart Warming Story about God

One morning doorbell rang. When Kamlesh opened the door, he saw an attractive stature person standing there with a sweet smile on his face. Kamlesh asked, “Who are you?” Person replied, “Well, i am one to whom you pray everyday.” Kamlesh with confused look replied, “Sorry but i don’t recognize you.” Person said, “Brother, i…

Man Kind Nature and God's Test - Story of Kindness Inspirational

Boy who Lost all his Riches – Story of Kindness

Long ago, in a village, a boy was born in rich family. His name was Deva. From his childhood, He was very Kind and would share his riches with needy. Time went by and he got married and had sons. With no thoughts for future, both Deva and his wife continued to share with needy….

God is Watching You Story - Never Do Wrong Stories for Kids with Moral

God is Watching You..!!

Once two men came to Sage who used to live in forest inside a small hut. They requested him to allow them to be his students. Sage asked them to come next day. Next day when they came, Sage was holding two birds in his hands. He asked them to hold on to birds. Both…

Helping Others Moral Stories - Heart Touching Beautiful Moral Story abt Compassion

God’s Work..!! (Must Read)

Rohit was traveling from one city to another but he missed his morning train. So while waiting he thought of having breakfast. He went out of station and started walking toward a near by hotel to eat. On his way he saw two kids sitting on sidewalk. There condition was not looking good and by…

Stories about God Always Being There - Swami Vivekananda Life Story

God is Always There for You

Once Swami Vivekananda was traveling by train, in same compartment a rich business man was sitting just next to Swami ji. Rich man who was traveling with him was helping himself to varieties of eatables. He saw that Swami ji was carrying nothing and seemed tired. (Being Sanyasi, Swami ji had control over senses. During…

Stealing is Wrong Story - God is Omnipresent Short Moral Stories for Kids

Father Son in Fields – Stealing is Wrong

Once in a village lived father and son. Every night before going to bed father used to tell interesting stories to his son. One day father told him, “Son.. God is omnipresent. He can see everything everywhere. Nothing is hidden from him.” Son asked, “Father.. you say God is present everywhere but i am not…

God is Everywhere Story - Akbar Birbal Stories in English fr Enlightenment

God is Everywhere..!

Once Akbar said to his wise minister Birbal, “You often say that God is everywhere…!!” So, Akbar took one of his ring out of his finger and said, “Tell me.. Is your God is in this ring??” Birbal replied, “Yes, Sure.. He certainly is.. God is everywhere.” “Can me make me see him??” questioned Akbar….

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