Nasrudin Witty Reply Stories

Nasrudin Hoja Witty Stories - Mulla Nasruddin Stories for Kids Funny Eng

Story 1: Hurried Prayer..!! Once Nasrudin was in a rush and quickly went to Mosque for evening prayer and prayed in a hurry and was gonna leave. As he was gonna leave one of the religious leader stopped him. Religious leader said, “This is not right way to offer prayer to God. You should start … Read more

Nasruddin Hoja Short Stories

Nasruddin Hoja Stories - Short Funny Nasrudin Stories to Make you Smile

Story 1: One Way to Bring Joy..!! Once Nasrudin meet a rich man from another town. That man started talking to Nasrudin. Man said, “I am rich but i feel sad and miserable all the time. With all this money i went far away for traveling in the search of joy but i still haven’t … Read more

Dark Shadow Message to King.!

Funny Stories about Death - King and Dark Shadow Humorous Short Story

Once a king had a dream. In his dream he saw a dark shadow putting its hand on king’s shoulder. King was horrified to see that shadow. Suddenly shadow spoke, “You don’t need to worry or be scared. Usually we come without informing but because you were a great king, I have just come here … Read more

Funny Husband Wife Stories

Fairy and Couples - Funny Husband Wife Short Stories

Story 1: Fairy Grants Couple Wishes..!! Once a couple were out to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. They went to a restaurant for dinner. After meal, on this occasion husband presented wife with a very beautiful antique gold chin with locket. Wife was very happy and she opened locket. A tiny fair appeared in front … Read more

Management Story – Funny Farmer (Must Read)

Interesting Management Stories - Funny Farmer Reply Moral Short Stories

At an old chapel all locals and remote people used to come up for Sunday services. One time it was freezing snow outside and no one came to chapel except one. Farmer came several miles to the chapel even after it was snowing and freezing cold outside. Now there were only two people at chapel, … Read more

Secret Behind the Door!! Monk and Traveler Story

Very Funny Short Stories - Monks Secret and Traveler Curiosity Interesting

It was night time, a man was driving down the road and his car breaks down near monastery. Because of night time he goes to monastery and knocks on door. As monk came outside and open the door, man says, “My car broke down. Can i stay here for a night?” Monk accepted his request. … Read more

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