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Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager Funny Story

Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager!

Once an old lady came to biggest bank of city and said that she wanted to deposit some money in the bank. When staff asked how much, old lady replied that she wanted to deposit around 10lakhs but asked to meet bank manager before depositing her money. Manager came cleared her queries. Then while talking…

Cunning Landlord and His Servant - Funny Interesting Reply

Cunning Landlord and His Servant

Once a farmer bought a roasted chicken and a bottle of fresh fruit juice as gift to his landlord. Landlord wanted to send these things to his home, so he called his servant. Landlord was cunning and didn’t want his servant to know about food. So while giving him those things he said, “Take these…

Interesting School Story - Solution for Lipstick Marks on Restroom Mirror

Lipstick Marks on Mirror – School Story

Once in a school, Girls started to leave kissing marks on mirror of restroom. Janitor was troubled by this because he had to clean them and it was difficult for him to clean that. Janitor asked girls to stop doing that and left notices on toilet walls asking girls to stop leaving lipstick marks on…

unny Interesting Stories - Boy Choice of Question to Interviewer Story

Interesting Funny Stories..!

Story 1: Interview at Business School.. Once in an interview at a business school, a panel of interviewers was taking interview of prospective students for admission in school. One of the prospective student entered and sat down nervously on chair in front of them, One of interviewer said to boy, “We shall either ask you…

Mulla Nasrudin Short Stories - Witty Funny Replies Short Stories to Share

Mulla Nasrudin Short Stories

Mulla Nasrudin Funny Stories.. Real Money..!! Writing Letters Mayor’s Superstition..!!   Story 1: Real Money..!! Once Nasrudin and his friend were lying on the green grass beside a country road. It was quiet and restful and peaceful. Just then Nasrudin said to his friend, “Right now i wouldn’t change places with anybody not even for…

Witty Nasruddin Story - Nasruddin Response to Criticism Funny Stories

Witty Nasruddin – Response to Criticism..!!

Story 1: Response to Employer’s Advice..!! Once Nasrudin was working for an employer. Employer didn’t like the way he worked. So one day his employer called him and said, “There is no reason for you to go to market to buy materials separate times – You can surely do it at once…” Nasrudin didn’t said…

Priest and Goat Story - How Media Works Sarcastic Short Moral Stories

Priest and Goat Story..!!

Once in a village lived a brahmin. People would invite him to their home for performing religious rituals and would offer him gift or fees before he leave. One such day, a wealthy man presented him with a goat as a gift. Brahmin was happy to get goat as reward and slung it over his…

Positive Thinking Stories - Best Moral Stories Abt Importance of Positivity

Positive Thinking – Traveler Thoughts..!!

Once a traveler was passing by a forest. It was hot afternoon and was feeling very tired. After a while he sat under a tree to rest. He felt relived sitting under shade of that tree. While resting he started to feel thirsty and thought that only if he could have some water then he…

Admission Conversation - Encouraging Principal and Kid Dialogue Interesting Story

Kid Admission Interview..!

Kid was bought to school to get admission in U.K.G. for interview as it was very difficult to get through admission in that school. Parents were really worried. Parents and kid entered principle office. Parents sat aside on sofa and kid was sitting in front of principal. Principal started to converse with kid.. here goes…..

Nasrudin Stories - Nasrudin and Border Inspector Funny Witty Story in Eng

Nasrudin Stories – Honest Smuggler..!

Once Nasrudin was leading a donkey that had bundle of wooden sticks on it’s back across the border. There inspector stopped Nasrudin for inspection. Inspector asked, “What is your business here?” Nasrudin replied, “I am an honest smuggler..” Inspector was surprised at reply and responded, “Really?? Ok then let me search everything and if i…

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