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Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager Funny Story

Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager!

Once an old lady came to biggest bank of city and said that she wanted to deposit some money in the bank. When staff asked how much, old lady replied that she wanted to deposit around 10lakhs but asked to meet bank manager before depositing her money. Manager came cleared her queries. Then while talking…

Engineer vs Manager Funny Hot Air Balloon Story - Management Joke

Engineer Vs Manager..!!

Once a man was flying high in hot air balloon and realized that he is lost. He reduced height of his hot air balloon to see if he can find someone. At a distance he saw a man down below. Seeing that man, he lowered his balloon more near the ground level and shouted, “Excuse…

Short Stories on Policy Change - Moral Story about Problem and Solution

Transportation – Short Story on Policy Change..!!

Once an old brewery decided to install a new line for canning so that it enables products to be marketed to the supermarket sector. It was major change for a little company so it invited all local dignitaries and employees to witness this big change. All came on the day of inauguration of new canning…

Funny Stories about Workplace - HR Manager Working Funny Illustration

HR Manager Working..! Funny Story

Once a very highly successful Human Resource Manager was killed in a tragic accident. His soul arrived at the Pearly gates where St. Paul received him. St. said, “Before you settle in.. I want to tell you something.. We have never had a Human Resource Manager made it this far and now we are not…

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