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Best Encouraging n Friendship Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best Encouraging Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson

#Encouraging The Wise man in the Storm prays God not for Safety from Danger but for Deliverance from Fear. It is One of the Most Beautiful compensations of Life, that No man can Sincerely try to Help another without Helping himself. Without Ambition one starts Nothing. Without Work one finishes Nothing. The Prize will Not…

Aristotle Quotes on Politics n Poetry

Aristotle Quotes on Politics n Poetry

At his Best, Man is the Noblest of all Animals.. Separated from Law and Justice, He is the Worst. The Beginning of Reform is not so much to Equalize Property as to Train the Noble sort of Natures not to Desire more and to Prevent the Lower from getting more. The Most perfect Political community…

23 Motivational and Inspiring Quotes by Gandhi in English for Better Life

23 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

The Difference between What we do and What we are capable of Doing, would Suffice to Solve most of the World’s problems. The Golden rule of Conduct is Mutual Toleration, Seeing that we will Never all think Alike and We shall always see Truth in Fragment and from Different points of Vision. Relationships are based…

Best Rumi Quotes - Motivational Quotes about Facing Difficulties in Life

Motivational Quotes by Rumi

#Hardships The Moment you Accept what Troubles you’ve been Given, the Door with Open. If in the Darkness of Ignorance, you don’t Recognize a Person’s True nature, Look to See.. Whom he has Chosen for his Leader. Don’t be Sad Because God sends Hope in the most Desperate Moments. Don’t forget, the Heaviest Rain comes…

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