Short Friendship Stories with Moral

Two Friends and Bear Short Moral Story for Kids

Story 1: Two Friends and Bear Story Once there were two friends, Sameer and Ravi. One day they both decided to go to city. Next day, they both started their journey, on their way they went walking into forest, enjoying nature. Suddendly they saw a bear coming at them and got frieghtened. Sameer who knew … Read more

Krishna Sudama – True Friendship Story

Krishna Sudama Story - True Friendship Story with Moral in English

Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. They meet at ashram of Guru Sandipani for first time. There they became close friends and after few years, both completed their studies and went apart. After leaving, Krishna became King of Dwarka and married to Rukmani. Where as Sudama led a life of poverty and married a poor … Read more

King’s Order – True Friendship Story

True Friends Story - Best Heart Touching Emotional Story of True Friendship

Once in a Kingdom, a man name Liam protested again King, King was arrogant he didn’t like anyone who would go against him so he ordered his soldiers to arrest and hang that man. Liam didn’t resisted and said, “My Lord, I will gladly accept your punishment but please grant me one last wish. Please … Read more

True Friend Meaning (Must Read)

True Friend Story in English - Very Interesting Story abt Real Meaning of Friendship

Once there was a little girl Lily who was very friendly and popular in her class. She was friends with everyone in her class. There was no one in class who didn’t like her. She was very kind and would always be busy with her friends. She felt very happy that she had so many … Read more

Best Friends Story..!!

Two Friends Story - Care and Affection in Friendship Short Emotional Moral Stories

Long Ago, in a village lived two friends Raman and Tarun. Raman was from wealthy family where as Tarun was from poor family. Despite their status difference they used to stay with each other all the time and were best friends. As time went by both grew up and got busy with their life. With … Read more

Four Friends Story – Be Wise

Four Friends Story with Moral - Think Wisely Moral Stories for Kids in English

Once there were four friends who used to live in a village. Among those friends three were learned and had studied many scriptures where as fourth one was unlearned and didn’t have any knowledge of scriptures but he was wise one. One day they all decided to go to city to look for jobs for … Read more

How Many Friends Do You Need to be Happy??

How Many Friends Do You Need to be Happy - Friendship Day Special Story

Once a student came to his Master and asked him, “Master, How many friend does a person need – Just one or Many?” Master replied, “It’s simple.. You will know for yourself.” Then master took him to the orchard and then pointing to an apple tree said, “First bring me an apple from the highest … Read more

Man and Dog Friendship..!

Man and Dog Friendship - Never Abandon Friend Beautiful Story with Moral for Kids

Once a man and his dog were walking along a beautiful road. Just then man realized that he had died and his dog who was there, had been dead for years. He was happy to see his companion with him. While both were walking forward, man wondered where that road was leading him. After a … Read more

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