Monk’s Advice to Fool..!

Monks Advice to Fool - Condemn Others Short Story

In a village, lived a man who was a fool. Everybody in village made fun of him. He lived all his life cowering and not even daring to speak. One day, a monk came to village. At night, man went to monk and fell at his feet and said, “Please give me some blessing. My … Read more

Cunning Lion and Foolish Cow Story

Cunning Lion and Foolish Cow - Panchtantra Story with Moral

Long ago, there was green and fresh pasture, where three cows lived, a white cow, black cow and brown cow. Cows were kind and nice to each other. They used to graze together and sleep together. Till, one day a lion happened to pass that way and saw them. He was looking for prey. On … Read more

Priest and Robbers Story

Priest Stories with Moral - Think Wisely Before Acting Short Stories

Once upon a time, In a kingdom lived a priest who had magical power and knew a special spell which was given to him by his teacher. There was a condition on use of that special spell that it can be used only once a year at a specific time. Priest had a disciple who … Read more

Gardener and Foolish Monkeys Story

Gardener and Foolish Monkeys Story - Bad Leadership Leads to Disaster

Long ago, It was time of new year. Everyone in kingdom was getting ready for three day celebration. Everyone in palace were also excited for New year and preparing for it. King’s gardener was also engaged in preparations. King’s palace garden was very beautiful. In palace garden lived a large troop of monkeys. They wouldn’t … Read more

Foolish Man Story – Jeweler Stupidity..!!

Foolish Man Story - Jeweler Stupidity and Greed Short Story in English

Once a fair was help in a village. In fair, people were roaming around and seeing many shops and buying things. Among those there was a small shop set up by an illiterate man. His shop was filled with many colorful jewelry and others things made of glass. In fair, a jeweler was also roaming … Read more

Cat and Dog Moral Story

Cat Dog Story - Self Help is Best Help Story, Never Leave Work on Others

One day a cat was walking down the street and suddenly a big and scary dog came in front of it out of nowhere. Cat got scared and tried to run away but dog was fast and caught the cat. Cat begged to dog for mercy and asked him to let it go but dog … Read more

Unusual Pet – Snake.!

Stories about Unusual Pets - Acting Sensibly With Nature Moral Lesson

Once in village a man used to live alone at home. He loved animals and wanted to keep a pet for himself. One day while walking by village cross road, he saw a little poisonous snake who was searching for food. Man liked it so much that he decided to keep it as his pet. … Read more

Bird’s Three Counsels..!!

Bird and Hunter Story - Foolishness vs Cleverness Short Moral Stories

Once a hunter went into a forest for hunting. There he caught a bird. Bird said to hunter, “You must have eaten many big animals. How can flesh of my little body satisfy you?? If you let me go, i will give you three Counsels but condition is.. First counsel i will give you while … Read more

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