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Fisherman Story - King Reward Good Short Story with Moral Lesson

Fisherman and King Story..!!

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman who caught a big fish and he knew that King would like that fish. So he decided to gift that fish to King. When fisherman presented that fish to King, he was very pleased and ordered that a large some of money be given to fisherman. After…

King and Fisherman Story - Teaching Lesson to Corrupt Gatekeeper

Fisherman Story – Greedy Gatekeeper..!

Once a King wanted to organize a grand feast. He had got all kind of dishes prepared but there was one specific fish which he couldn’t get. So he made an announcement in kingdom that whoever brings that fish to palace then he would be rewarded handsomely. Many fisherman tried but couldn’t find that fish….

Think Twice Before Judging Others - Best Moral Stories with Important Life Lesson

Fisherman and Sage..!! (Must Read)

A sage used to live outside village. He used to wake up early in morning for his routine and go to river bank to take bath and meditate. One day on reaching there he saw a man lying on ground with his head kept on woman’s lap and beside him was an empty bottle of…


Fisherman and His Wife – Greed Story

Once there was a fisherman and his wife who were very poor and lived in bad conditions. Everyday husband used to go out for fishing. One day while he was sitting with his rod looking at clear water, suddenly he felt like something was caught so he drew it up and it was a large…

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