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Stealing is Wrong Story - God is Omnipresent Short Moral Stories for Kids

Father Son in Fields – Stealing is Wrong

Once in a village lived father and son. Every night before going to bed father used to tell interesting stories to his son. One day father told him, “Son.. God is omnipresent. He can see everything everywhere. Nothing is hidden from him.” Son asked, “Father.. you say God is present everywhere but i am not…

Ultimate Sacrifice Stories - Heart Touching Sad Stories of Father and Son

Ultimate Sacrifice – Sad Story

Once there was a switch-man who used to operate the controls of a bridge for ships and trains to pass by sitting in a small booth on one side of river. During most of day bridge was running up and down to make way for ships to pass through freely. But at certain time, a…

Dead Son Portrait Story - Heart Touching Stories Father Son

Dead Son Portrait Story

Long time ago, There was rich man and his son. Both shared a passion for collecting art. They used to travel around the world together and collect priceless work by Picasso and many other. Man had an satisfaction as his son had trained eyes and sharp business. So, Man knew that he would became as…

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