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Father Son Story – Earning Money

Once in a city lived a very successful businessman. His only son who was still a young boy was lazy and fun loving. His son used to spend money with free hands and never even did any help in any work at home. Businessman wanted his son to learn about value of labor. So one…

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Business Story – Selling Combs..!

Long ago in China lived a very successful businessman whose business was to sell combs. Businessman got old and was about to retire. He had three sons and before retiring he wanted to place his business into wise and able hands. So, he called his sons and gave them a assignment. He instructed them to…

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Confucius Story – Old Man Fitness..!

Once Confucius was passing by a village where he saw an old man with his young son pulling water from the well. Confucius was confused to see this as at that time people harness horses or oxen to pull water from the well. Confucius with concern went to old man and said, “Why are you…

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Father Son Story – Large Stone!

Once a father and son were working in garden. Child wanted to get appreciated by his father so he was trying his best to help his father by performing minor works as directed by his father. Father and his son were working on different sides of garden. Father saw a stone on his son side….

Father Son Heart Touching Story - Parents Selfless Love Short Moral Story

Father Son Heart Touching Story..!

There was a old man named James who used to live with his wife in village. His son used to live in city. James wanted to meet his son so he decided to go to city to meet his son. He was very excited to see his son but unfortunately someone else opened the door….

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Graduation Day..! Father Son Heart Touching Story

A young man pampered by his rich dad always, was going to graduate next week. Few weeks before he saw a very beautiful sports car in a showroom and wanted to get it was graduation gift from his dad. The day he saw that car in showroom, before coming back home he went inside and…

Cherokee Indian Rite of Passage - American Indian Tradition Short Stories

Cherokee Indian Rite of Passage

Cherokee Indian’s had a ritual for boy’s initiation into manhood. According to this ritual. Father blindfold his son and take him into the forest and leaves him there alone. There boy is required to sit on a stump for whole night until ray of sun shines through it. Boy has to sit there all by…

Father Son Inspirational Stories - Respecting Other's Lifestyle Moral Story

Father Son Inspirational Story – Lifestyle

Once an old man living who used to live in small village who was invited by his son to visit Mumbai who was a successful businessman living with wife and son there. Old man was bit scared to go to city as he had spent most of his life at his birthplace in village. He…

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Father Son Heart Touching Conversation

Once 55 years old man and his 82 years old father were sitting on couch in living room doing their own work. Suddenly a crow perched on the window of their living room. Father pointed toward window and asked his son, “What’s this??” Son replied, “It’s a Crow..” After few minutes father again pointed his…

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Wise Man Advice – Secret of Happiness!!

Once an old man wanted his son to learn about secret of happiness so he sent his son far away to meet a man who was known for being wisest man. Son obeyed his father. It took him weeks to reach that place. There young man saw a very big and beautiful castle on mountain…