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Poor Father and Daughter - Heart Touching Story

Poor Father and Daughter – Heart Touching Story

Once a man from village wearing old dirty clothes arrived at a large hotel with his 16 years old daughter. Seeing both of them sitting, waiter placed two glasses of water in front of them and asked, “What should i bring for you?” Man said, “I promised my daughter that if she come first in…

Daughter Gift to Dad Story - Heart Touching Father Daughter Short Story

Little Girl’s Gift to Dad

Once a little girl bought a small gift for her father. When she came home, she looked for wrapping paper and then wrapped it up good to gift it to her father. At night when father came home, she happily came to him and presented that small wrapped gift to her father. When father saw…

Thinking Wisely Stories - Father Daughter Short Motivational Story English

Farmer Heir – Thinking Wisely Story

Once in a village lived a rich farmer with his four daughter. All his daughter were married and were happily living their life. Farmer was getting old and there was no one else to look after his property. So one day farmer thought of testing capability of his daughters so that he can decide what…

Farmer and Daughter Story - Best Stories About Trust and Believe in God

Farmer and Daughters Story

Once in village lived a farmer who had two daughters. Farmer’s elder daughter was married to a farmer and younger one was married to a potter. After their marriage he used to visit his daughters to know their well-being. During one of his visit to his elder daughter. Farmer’s elder daughter requested him to pray…

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