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25 Buddha Wisdom Short Quotes - Motivational Quotes by Buddha

25 Short Quotes – Buddha Wisdom

The Root of Suffering is Attachment. Pain is Certain, Suffering is Optional. I Never see What has been Done, I only see What remains to be Done. Peace comes from Within. Do not seek it Without. True Love is Born from Understanding. If you Truly Loved yourself, You could Never Hurt another. If your Compassion…

Buddha Short Quotes on Life - Motivational n Inspirational Quotes

26 Buddha Quotes on Life

The Tongue like a Sharp Knife, Kills without Drawing Blood. Just as a Snake sheds its Skin, We must Shed our Past over and over again. To Abstain from Lying is Essentially Wholesome. Avoid Evil deeds as a man who Loves life Avoids Poison. To Conquer oneself is a Greater Task than Conquering others. If…

Abraham Lincoln Quotes Motivational - Short Inspiring Quotes on Life

25 Abraham Lincoln Short Quotes on Life

Abraham Lincoln Born in Kentucky in 1809, served as the 16th President of the United States is known as one of the greatest US presidents to have Served this Country and his Wisdom and Compassion for all People Changed the Nation.   Human Action can be Modified to some Extent but Human Nature cannot be…

30 Swami Vivekananda Short Quotes to Motivate Oneself

30 Swami Vivekananda Short Quotes

Arise, Awake and do not stop until the Goal is Reached. Strength is Life, Weakness is Death. There is No other Teacher but your own Soul. Conquer Yourself and the Whole Universe is Yours. Take Risks in your Life, If you Win, you can Lead! If you Loose, you can Guide! You are the Creator…

Short Quotes by Socrates - Be Yourself Quotes to Motivate by Philosopher

30 Short Quotes by Socrates

Socrates born around 470 BC, in Athens, Greece. He was a Classical Greek Philosopher who made a Huge impact on Western logic and Philosophy. He emphasized that Great leaders should have Knowledge, Virtue and a complete Understanding of Themselves.   To find Yourself, Think for Yourself. Let him that would Move the world, first move…

Chinese Philosophy Quotes - Lao Tzu Motivational Short Quotes abt Life

21 Inspiring Lao Tzu Short Quotes

Lao Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher, existed in the 6th century B.C and is considered a central figure in Chinese culture, writer who’s believed to be the author of the Tao Te Ching and the father of Chinese Taoism.   “Knowledge is a Treasure but Practice is the Key to it.” Mastering Others is…

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