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Soil Smell Like Rose! Monk Lesson for Disciples

Soil Smell Like Rose! Monk Lesson for Disciples

A monk was going for a walk with his disciples. On way, he was explaining them about importance of keeping good company to his disciples. Monk saw that disciples were not able to understand it. On way, monk saw a rose plant full of flowers. Seeing it, he asked a disciple to immediately pick a…

Lion and Mouse - Short Story for Kids

Lion and Mouse – Short Story for Kids

Once, a lion was sleeping comfortably under the shade of a tree after eating and drinking. After a while, from somewhere a naughty mouse reached there and started playing around. While playing mouse climbed on top of the lion, ran on lion’s back, climbed on lion’s head. He was having a lot of fun. Lion’s…

Tailor's Son Wrong Doing to Elephant!!

Tailor’s Son Wrong Doing to Elephant!!

Once in a village, lived a good nature, kind and friendly tailor. All villagers would come to him to get their clothes stitched. One day, an elephant came to tailor’s shop. Seeing him, tailor understood that elephant was hungry, so he fed him banana. From that day on wards, elephant started coming to tailor’s shop…

Boy's Prank and Weaver Response - Moral Lesson for Kids

Boy’s Prank and Weaver Response – Moral Lesson for Kids

Long ago, In India, in a village lived a weaver who was very calm, humble and loyal by nature. People around knew that he never get angry. So, one day some boys from neighborhood thought to prank weaver to make him angry. They all reached at weaver shop. Among kids, there was one kid who…

Two Cats and Monkey Story - Famous Moral Story for Kids

Two Cats and Monkey Story

Two cats were prowling together. One of the cats saw a big cake and missed. The other jumped up and picked it. Both started quarreling over that large piece of cake. First cat said that she saw it first so it’s her but other cat refused about her claim and scratched her. Both started fighting….

Two Friends and Bear Short Moral Story for Kids

Short Friendship Stories with Moral

Story 1: Two Friends and Bear Story Once there were two friends, Sameer and Ravi. One day they both decided to go to city. Next day, they both started their journey, on their way they went walking into forest, enjoying nature. Suddendly they saw a bear coming at them and got frieghtened. Sameer who knew…

Monkey and Crocodile Story - Jataka Tales Moral Short Stories for Kids

Monkey and Crocodile Story

Once in a jungle, a monkey used to live on mango tree which was near a river where lived a crocodile and his wife. One day crocodile went to monkey and asked for mangoes. Monkey happily gave him mangoes. Soon, crocodile and monkey became friends. Crocodile started to eat mangoes instead of swans or any…

Moral Stories for Kids - Always Keep Good Company

Moral Stories for Kids

Story 1: Farmer and Stork..!! Once in a field, farmer saw that cranes were destroying his newly sown corn. So he planned to catch those birds. Next evening he set a net in his fields to catch those destructive birds. Next morning when he went to his field to check if his plan worked. He…

Never Tell A Lie Stories - Classic Famous Moral Short Stories for Kids

Boy who Cried Wolf..!!

Once in a village lived a boy with his father. One day father told his son that he is grown old enough to look after sheep all by himself. So from that day onward, everyday boy would take sheep to grass field and watch over them as they spread all over field grazing grass. Just…

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