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Imaginary Rope - Merchant and Camel Story

Imaginary Rope – Merchant and Camel Story

Once upon a time, there was merchant who used to roam from city to city for work with his three camels. One night, when merchant was tired from all day work and wanted to rest, he thought that he might stay in a inn and tie his camels outside that inn. He looked around and…

Banana Experiment - Five Monkeys in Cage Story to Make You Think

Banana Experiment – Five Monkeys in Cage

Once a experiment was done which started with a cage. Inside cage, a banana was hung on string and a set of stairs was placed under it. Soon, five monkeys were bought and were entered into cage and locked. Before long, seeing banana, a monkey started to go to stairs, to climb and take the…

Family Traditions Stories - Little Girl Question Short Story to Learn abt Life

Family Tradition – Baking Fish..!

Once a little girl was sitting in kitchen watching her mother preparing fish for lunch. She saw that her mother took the fish and cut it’s head and tail before placing it into a baking pan. Little girl was curious to see this. She questioned her mother, “Ma, why did you cut the head and…

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