Brother’s Love..!!

A Brother's Love Short Stories - Heart Touching Stories Brother Sister Love

In hospital, there was little girl who was suffering from a very rare and serious disease. She had little brother who was just 5 years old. Her brother himself was suffering from same disease and miraculously he survived and had developed antibodies to combat that illness. Doctors found that girls only chance of recovery is … Read more

Solution of Brother’s Fight..!

Short Story About Fighting with Family - Brothers Fight Solution

Once in village lived two brothers who used to live on adjoining farms for last 40 years. For all these years they lived happily side by side farming, sharing machinery and trading labor and good as per need. Once they both got into conflict which started with a small misunderstanding and grew into major difference … Read more

Broken Dreams – Sad Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Stories for Parents and their Kids English Moral

Once a lived a very poor family.In family there was mother father and daughter. Father was the only person earning and it was just enough to fulfill basic need for them. Even when they didn’t had enough money he always used to dream about making his daughter best doctor in the world. He loved her … Read more

Inspiring Interview – Appreciating Others

Appreciating Others stories - Heart Touching Story of Mother Son

One day a young person who was academically excellent applied for manager’s post in big company. He passed written exam and then group interview. After this young man had to face final interview to be taken by company’s director. In final interview Director looked into young man CV and saw that young person did extremely … Read more

Father Daughter – Dark Candle Sad Story


A man and his only little daughter used to live together. He loved her daughter a lot and lived his life only for her. One day his daughter became ill and her dad provided her with all best physicians and doctors together back to health but nothing healed her to health. All the efforts of … Read more

Father Gift for Son – Heart Touching Father and Son Story

A young man was soon going to graduate college. For many months he used to admire a very beautiful sports car. He knew that his father can afford it so he told him that he wanted that car. As graduation day was near he awaited for signs that his father has bought that car for … Read more

Kid Handmade Card to Parents

Kid Gift to Parents Story - Hand Made Card With Hand Print

In a family lived father mother and a child. Parents used to scold him for printing his hand print with painting colors all over the walls of house. One day kid gave a Handmade card to his parents. When parents got the card they saw there was a little hand print of their son on … Read more

Husband Wife Emotional Story!! Must Read!!

Best Story for Relationship - Husband Wife Emotional Story

It was anniversary and Ria (Wife) was waiting for her husband to show up. After some years of marriage things changed between them. Once cute couple who couldn’t live without each other now had turned bit bitter. They were now fighting over every little things, both didn’t like changes came ito their marriage. Wife was … Read more

Father Love for Daughter – Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Stories of Father and Daughter in English

One day Little 12 years old girl asked her Father, “What are you going to gift me for my next birthday?” Father Smiled and said, “There is much time, so wait till your Birthday.” Just after few days of this conversation, the girl fainted and was rushed to the Hospital. After checking on girl, Doctor … Read more

Dead Son Portrait Story

Dead Son Portrait Story - Heart Touching Stories Father Son

Long time ago, There was rich man and his son. Both shared a passion for collecting art. They used to travel around the world together and collect priceless work by Picasso and many other. Man had an satisfaction as his son had trained eyes and sharp business. So, Man knew that he would became as … Read more

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