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Daughter Gift to Dad Story - Heart Touching Father Daughter Short Story

Little Girl’s Gift to Dad..!!

Once a little girl bought a small gift for her father. When she came home, she looked for wrapping paper and then wrapped it up good to gift it to…

Family Traditions Stories - Little Girl Question Short Story to Learn abt Life

Family Tradition – Baking Fish..!

Once a little girl was sitting in kitchen watching her mother preparing fish for lunch. She saw that her mother took the fish and cut it’s head and tail before…

Moral Lesson Stories - Father Son Valuable Lesson for Life Moral Story

Father Son Story – Earning Money

Once in a city lived a very successful businessman. His only son who was still a young boy was lazy and fun loving. His son used to spend money with…

Ultimate Sacrifice Stories - Heart Touching Sad Stories of Father and Son

Ultimate Sacrifice – Sad Story

Once there was a switch-man who used to operate the controls of a bridge for ships and trains to pass by sitting in a small booth on one side of…

Short Stories about Brothers - Heart Touching Inspirational Family Stories

Two Brothers Story – Heart Touching

Once in a village lived two brothers who inherited their father’s land. Land was divided between two of them equally and now both of them had separate area for farming….

Farmer and Daughter Story - Best Stories About Trust and Believe in God

Farmer and Daughters Story

Once in village lived a farmer who had two daughters. Farmer’s elder daughter was married to a farmer and younger one was married to a potter. After their marriage he…

A Brother's Love Short Stories - Heart Touching Stories Brother Sister Love

Brother’s Love..!!

In hospital, there was little girl who was suffering from a very rare and serious disease. She had little brother who was just 5 years old. Her brother himself was…

Short Story About Fighting with Family - Brothers Fight Solution

Solution of Brother’s Fight..!

Once in village lived two brothers who used to live on adjoining farms for last 40 years. For all these years they lived happily side by side farming, sharing machinery…