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Teacher Lesson about Failure - Try Again

Why Try Again? Teacher Lesson about Failure

Ramu started a business with great enthusiasm but just after few months, his business went under. After that, time passed but Ramu didn’t started any new work. His teacher got to knew about his situation and called him to his home. Teacher welcomed Ramu and they talked for bit about each other well being. Then…

Sculptor Efforts and One Last Strike..! Motivational

Sculptor Efforts and One Last Strike..!

Once in a village lived a merchant who had great faith in God. One day when he was returning to his village from work, on his way he saw a shining stone. Merchant liked that stone very much and picked it up. On his way he thought, “I can get a beautiful idol of God…

Never Give Up Story - Old Artist Persistance n Learning New Thing Story

Old Artist Learning – Never Give Up Story

Once lived a skilled artist named Shikaki. With his expertise and interest, he made an beautiful ink pot to present it to the King. Seeing that beautiful ink pot, he expected that King would encourage him and appreciate his skill as far as possible. With countless hopes and desire, he presented that ink pot to…

Short Stories on Confidence - Thomas Alva Edison Life Story Inspirational

Thomas Edison’s Inspiring Short Stories..!!

Story 1: Fear of Losing Confidence.!! When Thomas Alva Edison successfully invented light bulb all this assistants were happy. As he had experimented around 1000 times before getting success in his attempt to invent light bulb. Edison called office boy and asked him to test that bulb. Being just a office boy, he was very…

Real Life Inspirational Stories - KFC Owner Success Story Short

KFC Colonel Sander’s Inspirational Story!!

Sander’s was born in 1890. When sander’s was 5 yrs old, he lost his father. His mother who was housewife had to go out to work to earn for family and sander’s had to take care of his siblings. He used to look after and cook for them. By age of 7 his skills got…

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