25 Interesting and Fun Facts about Monopoly

25 Interesting and Fun Facts about Monopoly

Charles Darrow first Developed the Monopoly game in 1933. The Original game was made from Materials from Darrow’s own Home. A Piece of oilcloth covered the board and the Cards were Handwritten. The original Monopoly die-cast Tokens were Inspired by Darrow’s nieces who recommended Metal charms from Charm bracelets be used. Darrow attempted to Sell … Read more

17 Fun Facts about Minecraft

17 Fun and Interesting Facts about Minecraft Online Game

Minecraft was renamed Five times before it was officially Launched. Minecraft was almost called Cave Game. Minecraft was Developed using Java and few other latest Programming Software to support the Game’s demand for Movements and Logical coding series. . Minecraft is Categorized as an Educational digital tool. It aim is to allow players to Create … Read more

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