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23 Interesting Facts about Panda

23 Interesting Facts about Panda

Pandas have Lived on Earth for two to three Million years. Many Chinese philosophers Believe that the Universe is made from two Opposing forces, the Yin and Yang. The Panda is one symbol of this Philosophy with its Contrasting black and white fur. In China, Giant pandas are considered to be National Treasures. The Giant…

Some Interesting and Mind Blowing and Educational Facts about Cats

22 Amazing Facts about Cats

Cats are the World’s most popular Pets, outnumbering Dogs by as many as three to one Cats cannot Detect Sweetness that’s why they are not Drawn to it at all. The Average cat can Jump 8 feet in a single bound, nearly Six times its Body length. Cats only use their Meows to talk to…

Amazing and Fun Facts about Dogs - Facts you May not Know abt ur Dog

24 Amazing Fun Facts about Dogs

Dogs Noses are Wet to help Absorb scent chemicals. Dogs have three Eyelids. Third lid is called the ‘haw’ and it is responsible for keeping the Eye protected and Lubricated. Dogs have a Sense of Time. They know the difference Between a hour and five. Your Dog can Smell your Feelings. In fact, Dog’s sense…

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