Can Win but Still Lose.. Why?

Moral Stories on Self Sacrifice - Best Story to Understand Winning Losing

Once a young man came to Abbot of monastery and said, “I really want to become a monk but i haven’t learned anything of importance in my life. Only thing i know is how to play chess because that’s what i have been learning from my father from young age but I want to get … Read more

Beggar’s Magical Begging Bowl..!!

Human Mind And Desire Stories - Finding Inner Self English Story

Once there was a powerful emperor. One day he was going out of his palace. On his way he met a beggar. He asked beggar, “What do you want?” Beggar laughed and said, “What? You are asking me as if you can fulfill my desires..” Listening to beggar reply king felt offended and said, “Of … Read more

Material Life vs Spiritual Life!!

Spiritual Enlightenment Stories - Material Life vs Spiritual Life

Once in a kingdom, king brought a beautiful diamond necklace for his daughter as gift but the necklace was stolen and everyone in the kingdom tried to find it out but couldn’t find it. At last king announced that who ever find necklace will be rewarded $50,000. Everyone in kingdom knew about reward. One day … Read more

Two Monks Conversation!!

Worse than a Clown Monks Story ZenStories Enlightenment

Story 1. Once two monks were traveling. They were going to another monastery. Due to their rules they were not even allowed to look at women. After walking for long they reached a river which they had to cross. The flow of river was so flooded that they couldn’t get across it without getting wet. … Read more

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