What Happens After you Die..??

Stories for Divine Awakening - God and Man Conversation Spiritual Story

A conversation between God and man who had died in a car crash.. Man – What happened?? Where am i?? God – You died. It was a fatal car accident. Man – There was a truck.. skidding.. I died?? God – Yes. But don’t feel bad.. Everyone dies. Man – Where am i?? is this … Read more

What You Want Most? – Awesome Zen Stories

Awesome Zen Stories - What you Want Most Stories

Story 1: What you want Most..?? Once a young boy came to a monk meditating by a river side. Young master came to master and said, “Master, i wish to become your disciple..” Monk questioned, “Why?” Young man thought for a moment and replied, “Because i want to find God.” Just then suddenly Master jumped … Read more

Changing Appearance vs Inner Self..!!

Imitation Short Stories - Stories about Changing Appearance vs Inner self

A young disciple wanted to learn Wisdom so he went to Zen master and requested him to accept him as his disciple. Master accepted him. Young disciple used to admire his master a lot. So he decided to observe his behavior minutely and believed that if he did everything the way his teacher did then … Read more

Alexander and Indian Sage Story

Alexander and Indian Sage Story - Power Surrender Before Spiritualism

When Alexander came to India, He discovered that out of all the countries he conquered, most truthful and wise persons were found here in India so he told about his desire to meet heads of India i. e. the philosophers and the saints. He was taken to Indus river where meet a Saint. Alexander was … Read more

How to Get Rid of Fear of Death?

Short Stories About Fear of Death - Accepting Truth of Death Zen Teaching

Once a young man went to his master and said, “Master.. I fear death!! How can i get rid of this fear??” Master said, “Tell me.. When you borrow some coins from someone then are you afraid to give them back??” “Of course not..! I will not be afraid..”, Young man replied. Young man didn’t … Read more

Best Spiritual Enlightenment Stories..!! (Must Read)

Spiritual Enlightenment Short Stories - Objective World Zen Moral Stories

Story 1: I want to Find GOD..!! Once a Master living in solitude was meditating by river side. One Young man came to know about that and thought of going to meet him. So, One day young man came to him and said, “Master, i wish to become your disciple because I want to find … Read more

Ability to Change – Perspective for Life..!!

Short Stories about Change - Time Changes Wonderful Moral Short Story

Story 1: It’s Just Matter of Time.. A man approached rabbi and said, “Bars are full of people sitting there to enjoy themselves.” Rabbi replied nothing to him. Not getting any response man again said, “Bars are full of bursting people spending all night playing cards drinking beers and you said nothing??” “It’s good thing … Read more

Find Your Own Path – Powerful Life Lesson

Powerful Life Lesson Stories - Monk Advice Story

Story 1: Insult and Praise..!! A person went to Abbot and asked him, “What would be the best way to please God?” “Go to cemetery and insult the dead.” replied Abbot. Person did was told to do by Abbot. Next day he came back to Abbot. When abbot met person, asked him, “Did they respond?” … Read more

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