Man’s Innocence – Zen Enlightenment Story

Stories on Innocence - Zen Teaching Monk Disciple Enlightenment Story

Once there was big monastery, where lived 500 monks. They were all practicing path of self remembering under their Master. One day a man went to monastery to become disciple. Master accepted him as disciple but because he was simple, uneducated man from village, Master gave him job of rice cleaning in kitchen. Monastery kitchen … Read more

Archbishop and Saints – Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment - Archbishop and Saints Divine Awakening Story

Once a Archbishop became very much annoyed because of three people who had become known as saints and used to lived on small island. Archbishop got very jealous and angry that without sanction these people were started to known as saints and thousands of people were going to island to get their blessings. One day, … Read more

Two Sanyasi and Narada Muni Story

Narada Muni Stories - Two Sanyasi Question and Reaction Beautiful Story

Once Narada¬† was going to Vaikuntha to see God Vishnu. While leaving from earth, on his way he saw an old Sanyasi sitting under a tree. He went to him and said, “I am going to meet God. Is there any message you would like to give to me?” Sanyasi replied, “When you meet him, … Read more

Buddha and Philosopher – Power of Silence

Power of Silence Story - Buddha and Philosopher Spiritual Enlightenment

Once a great philosopher came to Buddha. He had lot of questions to ask. He came to Buddha and started asking questions to him. Buddha listened to him and said, “Do you really want answer? If you really want it, can you pay the price?” Philosopher replied, “My whole life, i have been searching for … Read more

Fakir Begging Bowl and Thief Story

Fakir Stories - Golden Begging Bowl and Thief Englightenment Moral Story

Once in Bharat, lived a naked fakir, Nagarjuna. he was famous and loved by all. Queen who ruled at that time, also admired and respected him a lot. One day she asked him to come to palace, to be guest. Fakir went. When he came, Queen asked him for favor. When Fakir met Queen, he … Read more

Happy Monk Story

Happy Monk Story - Best Story about Happiness of Spiritual Enlightenment

Once upon a time, lived a high class rich man in a kingdom. As he rich man became older and realized that suffering for old age was about same for rich and poor. So, he gave up his wealth and went to forest to live as a monk. In forest he practiced meditation and freed … Read more

Sage Hint for Parrot.!

Parrot Moral Stories - Smart Parrot and Sage Wisdom Story for Learning

In town lived a man who had a parrot which used to live in a cage. Once in town visited a Sage who used to do Satsang. Man used to go to Satsang everyday. One day his parrot asked him, “Where do you go daily??” He replied, “I go to Satsang to learn good things.” … Read more

Swami Ji Enlightenment Story..!!

Swami Vivekananda Stories - Swamiji Attained Enlightenment Story in Eng

Story 1: Difficult Time in Life..!! When Vivekananda father died, he was not able to feed his family as he didn’t had any money or job. He felt pained and frustrated when ever he saw his mother and brother hungry. One day Vivekananda went inside jungle, wandering as he was feeling¬† annoyed. He was so … Read more

Sage and Thief Story…!!

Stories by Swami Vivekananda - Thief and Sage Story in English to Share

Once in Gazipur a Sage used to live by side of river Ganga in his small hut. Many people used to visit him and greet him with offerings they bought with them. One day a thief saw Sage’s hut and watched him for some time. He saw that there were many silver utensils and all … Read more

King Janaka and Sage – Renunciation Story

Renunciation Short Story - King and Sage Moral Stories to Learn abt Life

Once there was a Sage Ashtavakra. Some of his followers used to live at his ashram to learn and there was King Janaka who used to visit Sage a lot. With time these followers started to resent King Janaka as sage used to spent a lot of time with him when ever he came. Because … Read more

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