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Stories about Overcoming Obstacles - Classic Stories with Moral Lesson for Kids

Overcoming Obstacles – Motivational

One day a farmer’s oxen fell into the well. Farmer tried to pull it out but even after trying for hours oxen was not able to get out of well. At last farmer got tired. Oxen was quiet old and it was not of much use. So farmer thought that he should bury that oxen…

Find Who You Truly Are - Motivational Encouraging Stories with Moral

Moral Stories – Never Cheat Others

Story 1: Never Cheat Other’s..!! Once a farmer bought a well from his neighbor. After buying well next day when farmer went to take water from well, his cunning neighbor refused him to take water from well saying, “I sold you well, not the water..!!” Distraught farmer didn’t know what to do. So, he went…

Benjamin Carson Story - Inspirational Stories for Kids to Learn Life Lesson

Inspiring Story – Benjamin Carson

There was little kid who used to study in 5th grade. Everyone in his class thought that he was one of dumbest kid in his class. His grades were so less that he himself thought same. His report card showed his poor progress in his class but that didn’t bother him. He used to say…

Story about Helping Others - People Facing Problems in Life Moral Stories

Helping Others – Mouse Trap.!

Once in a village at a farmer’s house lived a mouse. It caused a lot of trouble for farmer’s wife. One day mouse saw that farmer’s wife was opening a package. Mouse went near to see if it was of food. But it was devastated to found that it was a mousetrap. Scared mouse retreated…

Trust in God Stories - Dont Lose Hope in Difficult Times Best Moral Stories

God Stories – Footprints on Beach.!

One night a man saw a dream. In his dream he was walking beside God on the beach. After walking some distance man and God stopped and rested for a while. Mean while man saw that all the scene from his life were flashing in the sky and just below them on the beach he…

Stories of Persistence and Success - Inspiring Story of Glenn Cunningham

Inspiring Story of Glenn Cunningham..!!

In a country side school, classroom used to be heated by old fashioned way. A little boy used to come early to school to start fire and warm class before after everyone else arrive. But one morning when everyone else arrived they found the school engulfed in flames. They found unconscious boy inside and carried…

Moral Stories on Never Lose Hope - Short Stories abt Destiny n Hardwork

Never Lose Hope..!!

Once a middle aged man lost his job and was looking for a job to support his living. In newspaper he found that a job of “Office Boy” is available. He needed a job badly so he applied for post of “office boy” at a very big firm. Next day he was called for interview….

Health is Wealth Stories - Holy Man Wise Advice to Rich Man Moral Stories

Rich Man Problem..!!

Once there was a very rich businessman who was kind and generous. He used to help everyone, everyone liked him still his family and friends were worried about him because he was very lazy. He used to work from home and spent days, weeks in bed without getting out anywhere or doing any physical work…

Stories about Business Success - Self confidence and Attitude Best Stories

Business Success – Old Man Debt.! (Must Read)

Once a businessman got caught in debt real deep and he was not able to think of any way out to sort out that debt. So one day he went out and sat in the park to think if he could do anything to save his company from bankruptcy. While he was sitting in park,…

Finding Happiness in Little Things - Rich Lady and Psychiatrist Short Story

Finding Happiness in Little Things..!

Once a rich lady complained to his psychiatrist, “I feel like my whole life is empty and it has no meaning.” Listening to this her psychiatrist called over an old lady in his office. He then introduced that old lady to rich lady. Psychiatrist said, “She is Mary, lady who cleaned office floors. I am…