Jungle School Result – Kids Ability Test

Jungle School Result - School Curriculum and Kids Ability Test

One day, King of Forest, Lion declared that no one in forest will remain illiterate from now on wards. Every animal must send it’s child to school. King opened a school, it became a reputed school. Children of different animals like elephant, lion, monkey, fish, rabbit, turtle, camel and many more started coming to school. … Read more

Fish and Monkey Comparison! Motivational

Motivational Story - Fish and Monkey Story to Teach Lesson for Better Life

One day while fish was swimming closer to river bank it heard a voice saying, “How is the water??” Fish raised her head upward to see that there was monkey sitting on on tree. Fish smiled and replied, “Water is nice and warm.” Monkey felt little jealous and wanted to put fish down. He replied, … Read more

Organ Donation – Inspiring Story

Inspirational Stories - Organ Donation Save Lives Heart Touching Message

One of the most powerful rich man in Brazil made a announcement. He announced that he will be burying his million dollar rare Bentley car in the ground so that he could he could drive it even in his after life. This received a lot of media attention and some even criticized him for wasting … Read more

Rumor Story – Wise Judge (Must Read)

Short Stories on Rumors - Rumour is a Great Traveler Best Moral Stories

Once in a village there was an old man who was didn’t like his young neighbor. So he spread rumors saying, “My neighbor is a thief..” One day¬†a theft happened in same neighborhood and because of rumor everyone doubted that young man. As a result he was arrested. Some days later after investigation young man … Read more

Bird’s Three Counsels..!!

Bird and Hunter Story - Foolishness vs Cleverness Short Moral Stories

Once a hunter went into a forest for hunting. There he caught a bird. Bird said to hunter, “You must have eaten many big animals. How can flesh of my little body satisfy you?? If you let me go, i will give you three Counsels but condition is.. First counsel i will give you while … Read more

Price of Necklace..! Knowledge Story

Short Stories about Knowledge - Thinking Wisely Best Moral Stories in Eng

After the death of a jeweler, his family got into financial trouble. They didn’t had much money left for even buying food. So one day, Jeweler’s wife took one of the sapphire necklace out of safe and said to her son, “Son, take this necklace to your uncle’s shop and ask him to give you … Read more

Management Story – Funny Farmer (Must Read)

Interesting Management Stories - Funny Farmer Reply Moral Short Stories

At an old chapel all locals and remote people used to come up for Sunday services. One time it was freezing snow outside and no one came to chapel except one. Farmer came several miles to the chapel even after it was snowing and freezing cold outside. Now there were only two people at chapel, … Read more

Story of Watermelon.! (Must Read)

Story of Watermelon - Best Moral Story about Life Learning and Education

Once there lived a boy in a village of Parra in Goa which was famous for its watermelons. Every year farmers would organize a watermelon eating contest at the end of every harvest season in May. Farmers used to invite kids from all over village to participate in the contest. Farmer would keep best watermelons … Read more

Teacher Student Conversation – Life Lesson Stories

Life Lesson Stories - Never Judge Anyone Short Story for Kids

“On a ship there was a pair of couple, suddenly ship met with an accident and couple had to run to life boat. After reaching there they realized that there was space only for one person. At that moment, husband pushed wife behind him and jumped on to lifeboat himself. His wife stood on sinking … Read more

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