Alexander and Indian Sannyasin..!

Alexander and Indian Sage - Stories from History

Before Alexander came to India, his teacher Aristotle had asked him, “Bring a sannyasin when you come back. I would like to see what a sannyasin is like, what it is all about because that is greatest contribution of India to the world.” After invading India, When he was going back he remembered. He inquired … Read more

Market for Slaves – Greek Philosopher Diogenes Story

Market for Slaves - Diogenes the Cynic Famous Greek Philosopher Story

Diogenes was the antisocial, ascetic philosopher who lived in a barrel and rejected all of the norms of civilized behavior. Those days, people were sold in market as slaves. So few merchant who used to deal in selling slaves, saw Diogenes lying down by side of river. They were overjoyed to see such good build … Read more

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