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King Order and Minister Advice - It's Way We Think

King Order and Minister Advice – It’s Way We Think

Once in a kingdom, a person became famous for his face being very wretched (ill omen/ unlucky for people around them). People complained about him to their King. King didn’t believed it, so he decided to check it for himself. One day, King called that person in his palace and gave him a place to…

Rich Man n Two Dog - Giver or Receiver

Rich Man and Two Dog Story – Giver or Receiver?

Once there was a rich man who was owner of big factories. One day he closed his factories and all business and became a monk. Now, he only used to do devotional service to God and soon he became famous. People started coming to him to listen to his discourse. One day, he told his…

Seth Answer to Mahatma's Question (Must Read)

Seth Answer to Mahatma’s Question (Must Read)

Once in a city lived a Seth (Rich man) who was pious. Whenever any Mahatma or Sadhu visited his city, he would invite them to his house and serve them. One day, a Mahatma came to Seth’s house. Seth and Sethani (Rich man wife) welcomed Mahatma and served him food. After some time, Seth went…

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing - Point of View

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing – Point of View

In a class, two students started quarreling with each other. Seeing their quarrel, teacher asked, “What’s matter? Why you two are fighting like this?” First student said, “Sir! He is not listening to me.” Second student said, “Sir, why should i listen to him? What he is saying is wrong. So, what is use of…

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