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Desire to Eat Dates - Sadhu Hard Work and Thoughts

Desire to Eat Dates – Sadhu Thoughts

Once upon a time, a Sadhu (Indian Monk) used to live in a hut outside village. One day while passing through market, he saw many basket and among them was basket of dates. Seeing those dates, desire to eat them arose in Sadhu’s mind. He had no money to buy them, so he controlled his…

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man - Value Your Life

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man – Value Your Life

Once a Sufi saint was sitting on the river bank, there he saw a young man by river side who was about to jump into river. Seeing this saint asked, “What are you doing?” Man replied, “Don’t stop me. It’s too much! Everything is meaningless in this life. I have never got anything i wanted….

Alexander and Greek Mystic Diogenes Story about Life Desires

Alexander and Greek Mystic Diogenes Story

Alexander meet two great mystics. One of them was Diogenes, a Greek mystic who lived in utter ecstasy, always in celebration. Once Alexander had gone to see him and said to him, “You are the first man i am feeling jealous of.” Diogenes replied, “This is strange because you are one of the Greatest Kings,…

Control Desires Moral Story

Once a sage was passing through market place. On his way he saw a man selling dates (Khajur). Seeing him, Sage thought for a while about eating those dates but then he controlled his desire and left but later at night he was not able to sleep at all. Next morning, he went to a…

Life Lessons Spiritual Growth - Moral Story Distractions in Spiritual Path

Spiritual Growth Moral Story – Distractions in Path..!!

Once a saint who was on his death bed called his disciple and said, “Remember one thing.. Never Allow a Cat in Your Life..” Just after saying that saint died. Disciple was perplexed by those last words. He was not able to understand it’s meaning. He thought to himself, “Why would i allow a cat…

Desire Moral Stories - Sage and King Short Stories to Learn Moral Lesson

Desire Stories – Sage Coin..!

Once upon a time, lived a Sage who used to go from one place to other. Once he was passing through a street of capital city of a kingdom. On his way he found a coin on side of road. Sage picked it up and kept it. Sage used to live a simple life and…

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