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Missing Goat Number 3 - You Looking for it too?

Missing Goat Number 3 – You Looking for it too?

In class 5, there were two very mischievous children Ravi and Laksh who used to go to school together. One day, Ravi said to Laksh, “Bro, i have an idea.. so that we don’t have to attend classes tomorrow.” Laksh asked curiously, “Tell me.. What’s the idea?” Ravi pointed toward a direction and said, “Look…

Who is Biggest Fool? Seth and Devotee Story

Who is Biggest Fool? Seth n Devotee Story

Once in a village, lived a devotee named Gyanchand who was always engrossed in devotion of God. His routine to wake up early in morning, do worship and sing hymns in praise of God. After that he would go to his shop and work till lunchtime and close shop. After that he would go serve…

People Talking Behind One's Back!

Bunch of Frogs – People Talking!

Once upon a time, in a village lived a honest man. All the people of village used to praise and admire him. He was happy that all people in village liked him One day, while returning from work, he heard that some people were talking about him. He knew people of village always praised him,…

Elderly Advice to Young Man - Be Careful

Elderly Advice to Young Man – Be Careful

There was small village on edge of forest. Forest surrounding village had many wild animals. That’s why it was very important for people of village to have knowledge of climbing trees, so that they could save their lives by climbing trees when faced with wild animals. An elderly who used to live in that village….

Miser Man Silver Bowl - Value of Any Thing

Miser Man Silver Bowl – Value of Thing!

Once in a village lived an old man who was a miser. He was very stingy in use of things. He had a very expensive silver bowl and it was his most valuable possession. He used to keep it safe, locked in a box. He thought that he would use it only when the right…

Why Doesn't Everyone Get to Live Good Life

Why Doesn’t Everyone Get to Live Good Life?

Once a rich man went to temple wearing new expensive shoes. While he was in front of temple he thought, “To go inside temple, i have to remove my new shoes and if i leave them here outside temple then they may get stolen… Then even after going inside i will be worried about shoes…

Tree Refusal to Bird's Request! Story about Rejection

Tree Refusal to Bird’s Request! Story about Rejection

Rainy days were about to come. A pair of birds was looking for a tree to build a nest. While flying they saw trees at bank of a river. There they found one tree suited to build nest for themselves. Birds went to tree and requested, “We need to build our nest before rainy season…

Restless Mind - Master and Disciple Conversation

Restless Mind – Master and Disciple Conversation

On a cold day, Master and his disciple were strolling on the beach by ocean, where wind was blowing strongly over the ocean and high waves were rising. After walking for sometime, Master stopped and looked at his disciple and asked, “What does this ocean reminds you off?” Disciple answered, “It reminds me of my…

Know Yourself Before Searching for God

Know Yourself Before Searching for God

A monk had returned to India after traveling all over the world. After reaching a kingdom, he started staying as a guest at King’s palace. One day King went to Monk and said, “I have a request.. I have been asking this for one question for twenty years but nobody helped. Will you?” Monk replied,…

Rich Man n Two Dog - Giver or Receiver

Rich Man and Two Dog Story – Giver or Receiver?

Once there was a rich man who was owner of big factories. One day he closed his factories and all business and became a monk. Now, he only used to do devotional service to God and soon he became famous. People started coming to him to listen to his discourse. One day, he told his…

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