Cab Driver and Customer Conversation

Cab Driver and Customer Conversation

Shyam came out of airport and started waiting for his cab which he had already booked. He was worrying about if cab will come on time and take him to destination on time.. Just then a shiny new looking car stopped near him. Seeing that Shyam wondered for a moment whether if it was the … Read more

Message on Pole – Way to Help Old Woman

Message on Pole - Way to Help Old Woman

On the way, man saw a paper with handwritten message stuck on electric pole. Man went closer and started reading… “Yesterday my fifty rupee note fell on this road. I can’t see properly and was not able to find it, whoever finds it please deliver it..!!” was written on it and under it was written … Read more

King Three Question about God – Interesting Answers

King Three Question about God - Interesting Answers

Once a Priest was invited to King’s palace. When Priest was done with prayer, King honored him with gifts and asked, “Can you tell me where God lives? Where he looks? What can he do?” Hearing King’s question, Priest was taken aback and replied, “O King, give me sometime to answer this question.” King gave … Read more

Stop Animal Sacrifice – Superstition Story

Superstition Story - Wise King Clever Thinking to Stop Animal Sacrifice

Once upon a time, Prince born to King was quite intelligent and had completed his entire study by age to sixteen. At this early age his father made him second in command. In those days, most people were superstitious and they would pray to gods and ask special favors. They would make promise to God … Read more

Clever Painter – King’s Portrait..!!

Clever Painter Story - Kings Portrait Creative Thinking Inspirational Stories

Once lived a brave king who had fought many battles and won but unfortunately in his last battle he was badly wounded. King was saved but in that battle he lost his one eye and a leg. One day while King was seeing some of painting of previous King’s of that kingdom. He realized that … Read more

Problem Solving..!! Be Creative

Creative Problem Solving Stories - Tricky Maths problem with Its Solution Interesting

An old man used to live with his three sons. After old man passed away, his lawyer came up to his three sons and gave them his will. Among all other assets, old man had mentioned about 17 ducks in his will. In will old man stated that, “Eldest son should get half (1/2) of … Read more

Akbar’s Order..!! Stories of Birbal Wisdom

Birbal Stories - Stories of Birbal Wisdom Fun to Read Short Moral Stories

Once Akbar got angry with Birbal and asked him to leave the palace and never come back to his palace. Birbal accepted Akbar’s command and resigned from his post as Akbar’s minister and left palace. After leaving Birbal went to a far away village and started to work there under a farmer with different identity. … Read more

Business Story – Selling Combs..!

Short Stories Business - Smart Business Ideas Stories for Kids to Learn

Long ago in China lived a very successful businessman whose business was to sell combs. Businessman got old and was about to retire. He had three sons and before retiring he wanted to place his business into wise and able hands. So, he called his sons and gave them a assignment. He instructed them to … Read more

Creative Thinking..!!

Creative Thinking Stories - Choice of Words Short Story

Story 1: Card board Sign..!! Once a young man was passing by a street where he saw an old man sitting on road side begging for money. That old man was sitting there with an empty bowl in kept in front of him and a card board sign was kept beside that empty bowl. On … Read more

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