Washer Man Calm Response to Monk – Anger Story

Washer Man Calm Response to Monk - Anger Story

Once a Monk was sitting on a big rock situated in the bank of river. At same place, daily a washer man used to come to wash clothes as there was only one rock on bank of river, which could be used while washing clothes. Today, when washer man came and saw monk sitting on … Read more

Stop Flow of Thoughts! Man n Sadhu Story

Stop Flow of Thoughts! Man n Sadhu Story

Once a man went to his Guru and said, “Guru ji, flow of my thoughts is bothering me a lot. Please help me.” Guru gave him address of another Sadhu and said, “Go and look carefully at his overall life-style. There you will find solution to your problem.” Man went to Sadhu house and told … Read more

Saint Question – Who is Slave of Whom?

Saint Question - Who Should Bow to Whom?

Once a Saint entered into palace and went straight to King’s court and started looking here and there. Seeing this, minister came near Saint and said to him, “O Saint, this is royal court. Do you not see that King is sitting on throne in front? Bow down, you should bow down to King.” Saint … Read more

Seth and Ghost Story – Deep meaning (Must Read)

Seth and Ghost Story - Deep meaning (Must Read)

A tantrik once caught a ghost and went to city to sell it. There he met a Seth (rich man). Seth asked him, “Brother what are you selling?” Tantrik replied, “It is a ghost. He has immense power and no matter how difficult the task is, he can complete it in an instant. It can … Read more

Desire to Eat Dates – Sadhu Thoughts

Desire to Eat Dates - Sadhu Hard Work and Thoughts

Once upon a time, a Sadhu (Indian Monk) used to live in a hut outside village. One day while passing through market, he saw many basket and among them was basket of dates. Seeing those dates, desire to eat them arose in Sadhu’s mind. He had no money to buy them, so he controlled his … Read more

Religious Man Teaching and His Parrot Story

Religious Man Teaching and His Parrot Story

A gentleman who was very religious, had kept a parrot at his home. He used to love him a lot and took good care of that parrot. One day, while man was at distance from parrot, suddenly a cat came and pounced on that parrot and killed it right there. Man saw that but couldn’t … Read more

Buddha Sleeping – Disciple Question

Buddha Sleeping Position - Disciple Question

Just nearby, in the Ajanta caves, in the last cave there is a sculpture of Gautam Buddha sleeping. That pose has become known as the “Lion’s pose” because the lion also sleeps on its side without moving. When Gautum Buddha was alive, he used to sleep in same posture, whole night. He wouldn’t move from … Read more

Master’s Mantra and Monkeys – Tibetan Story

Famous Tibetan Stories - Old Master Mantra and Monkeys Best Story

Very Interesting Story (Must Read) Once a man used to serve his old master, day and night. He would make food, bring water from well, massage his master’s feet and do all things for his master. Old master used to say, “Why are you wasting your time?” Old master knew that there must be some … Read more

Old Zen Master and Archer Story..!

Old Man and Archer Zen Story - Learning Zen Ways for Better Control

Once a man was perfect in archery. He went to Emperor of China and said that he wants to be recognized as greatest and best archer in China and for that he was ready for any challenge. Emperor said, “Have you heard about an old archer who lives deep in mountains?” Man replied, “I haven’t … Read more

Danger of Addiction – Deer Story

Deer Story - Gardener Plan to Trap Deer n Danger of Addiciton Moral Story

Once upon a time, There was a gardener who looked after King’s pleasure garden. Garden was beautiful and sometimes animals from near by forest would come to garden. King had instructed gardener that if he sees any strange or rare animal in garden then he should at once inform King about it. One day, gardener … Read more

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