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The Good Deed Moral Lesson - Good Deeds Never Go in Vain Short Story

Good Deeds Never Go Unrewarded..

Once in a far away village, lived a young boy who used to live with his step-family. There was scarcity of water in the village so people had to go stream of water at end of village to fetch water. Young boy used to wake up early in morning to get water from the stream…

Being There for Someone Short Stories - Heart Touching Moral Stories

Being There for Someone..!!

A nurse hurriedly took a Young Marine to bedside of a old man and said to him, “Your son is here..” Patient was was heavily sedated, after a while with difficulty old man opened his eyes. A young marine was standing near his bed. Old man reached out to his hand. Seeing this, Young man…

Motivational Stories on Compassion - Monk and Disciple Zen Short Stories

Disciple to Monk – What is Compassion..?

Once a young disciple came to his master and asked him, “Master, What is Compassion?” Master took him to the window and asked him to look at the beggar sitting at the corner of the street. While looking at him for some time they saw that an old lady passed by and gave him a…

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