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What Will People Say!! Motivational Story

What Will People Say!! Monk Story

A monk went to the bank of a river and after drinking water, put his head on a stone and fell asleep. Just then 3-4 Paniharins (water woman) came for water at that river. First Paniharin said, “Oh! He became a monk yet he can not leave it attachment to pillow. Even if it is…

Racing Competition - Father Daughter Conversation

Racing Competition – Father Daughter Conversation

Teacher blew the whistle and 50 boys and girls started running on racing track made on school grounds. Every kid goal was to reach end of the field and then back to starting point. Whole race to get at least one of the first three place in and get awards. Kids parents were also present…

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself Short Moral Story in English

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself

A crow who had recently learned to fly, flying from one place to another, noticed that humans fed chilies to parrots and feed grains to white dove. Crow was hungry and hoping that someone would give him some food as well, he cawed but nobody took note of him. He thought to himself, “It’s better…

Motivational Story - Fish and Monkey Story to Teach Lesson for Better Life

Fish and Monkey Comparison! Motivational

One day while fish was swimming closer to river bank it heard a voice saying, “How is the water??” Fish raised her head upward to see that there was monkey sitting on on tree. Fish smiled and replied, “Water is nice and warm.” Monkey felt little jealous and wanted to put fish down. He replied,…

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