Know Your Value – Father’s Gift to Son

Know Your Value - Father's Gift to Son

Giving a car key to his son, father said, “Son, you have completed you graduation with very good marks. Here is my gift for your graduation. Your grandfather gave me this car as my graduation gift. Now i want you to keep it.” Son said, “But.. it’s old…” Father said to his son, “Son, i … Read more

Shepherd Boy and Wolf Story!

Shepherd Boy and Wolf Story! Aesop's Fable

Once in village lived a shepherd boy. He used to take his sheep to meadow located near forest for grazing. He would leave his sheep to graze and himself would sit under a tree and watch them. This was his daily routine. He used to get bored sitting there and wanted some adventure in his … Read more

Who is Real Mother?

Who is Real Mother - Mother's Love for her Child Jataka Tales

Once in a village, two women were fighting over a little child. Matter was taken to wise village chief. First woman said, “He is my child. Please tell her to leave him alone.” Another woman cried, “No, he is mine.” Wise man said to first woman, “What do you have to say?” She replied, “He … Read more

Fox Sweet Talks to Crow..!

Fox Sweet Talks to Crow - Dont be Deceived by Flattery Moral Story

Once a fox was roaming around in forest looking foar food. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find any food. Then, he looked up and saw a crow sitting on a tree, holding a piece of bread in his beak. Seeing that bread, fox started to drool over Just then fox called crow and saying, “Master, … Read more

Pigeons Trapped in Net – Unity is Strength

Pigeons Trapped in Net - Unity is Strength Moral Story for Kids

Long ago, there lived a flock of pigeon in dense forest. Among them was a wise old pigeon. Every pigeon in flock respected wise old pigeon. During daytime, pigeons used to fly all over the jungle, in search of food and water and before night fall, they used to come back to their nest. One … Read more

Farmer Whining and God’s Response Story

Farmer Whining and God Response Story - Fable with Moral for Kids

Once in a village, it rained whole night. Roads were all muddy and potholes were filled to brim. Next day, it was day for market, where farmers would go to sell their crops. There was a farmer named Raju who also had to go market from his village. Raju loaded his cart and which was … Read more

Farmer Digging Well..!!

Farmer Digging Well Story - Encouraging Moral Story for Kids

Once in a village, lived a young farmer named Shyamlal. He once set out to dig a well enthusiastically. He selected a good spot and cheerfully set to work. After digging 25 feet, he saw no sign of water. He got tired and  decided to rest for a while and then continue. Just then another … Read more

Think Wisely – Stories with Moral

Stories with Moral - Hungry Fox Story

Story 1: Hungry Wolf..! Once upon a time, there was a hungry fox and was looking for something to eat. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find food. Finally he went to edge of forest, there he saw a big tree with hole in it. Fox was desperate and went to take a … Read more

Stories for Kids – Aesop Fables

Aesop Fables - Farmer and Golden Egg Story

Story 1: Ant and Grasshopper Story..! On a summer day, Ant was carrying corn to it’s nest. A grasshopper was hoping near by, chirping and singing to it’s heart content. Seeing ant, grasshopper said, “Why not come and chat with me instead of toiling in that way?” Ant replied, “I am helping to lay up … Read more

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