Grandfather Lesson for Kids – Story about Change

Grandfather Lesson for Kids - Story about Change

Seeing grandfather sitting alone and sad, his grand kids asked, “What happened? What are you thinking about? Why you look so sad?” Grandpa relied, “Nothing wrong, I was just thinking about life.” “Please tell us about it.”, insisted kids. Grandpa kept thinking for sometime and then said, “When i was young, there was no responsibility … Read more

Message on Company Door – Interesting Story

Message on Company Door n Coffin - Interesting Story

One day at a company, when all employees of office reached, they found a slip posted on the door. With message written on it: Yesterday that person died, who was hindering your progress in the company. A funeral has been organized in the seminar hall to pay tribute to him. Everyone is expected to be … Read more

Monk and Wealthy Man Story – Change Your Vision..!!

Think Wisely Moral Stories - Wisdom Short Stories about Problems in Life

Once there was very wealthy man who was suffering from severe eye pain. He consulted many doctors and tried their treatments but nothing helped. Even after consuming so many drugs to treat his eye, he still suffered from pain and that pain in eye persisted more than before. At last, he heard about a monk … Read more

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