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Two Identical Statues - Sculptor Challenge to King..!

Two Identical Statues – Sculptor Challenge to King..!

It was winter time, so King’s court was organized outside under the morning sun. King’s and all minister, common people from his kingdom were also present there. After sometime, a man came and asked permission to come in court. King granted permission. He came in and said, “My Lord, I am a sculptor and i…

Sparrow Story - Clever Sparrow and Eagle Moral Motivational Short Stories

King of Birds..!!

Once all bird in jungle gathered and decided that they should have a King among birds. Now the question was – Who will be the King of birds?? Myna had an idea and suggested, “Let’s keep a competition between bird and one who fly highest could be crowned as King of all birds..” Everyone liked…

Short Stories about Trusting God - Motivational Encouraging Short Moral Stories

Trust God – Facing Difficulties in Life..!

Once in a far away place lived a man who had faith in God. One night, a man was sleeping soundly. Suddenly a huge sound woke him up. When he opened his eyes, he saw that his room was filled with light. Just then God appeared before him, showed him a large rock outside his…

Facing Adversity Moral Stories - Short Stories abt Overcoming Obstacles

Facing Adversity?

Once a young women complained to her mother about how hard her life is going on and that she wanted to give up. After listening to her, her mother took her to kitchen and there she took three pots and filled them with water then she placed pots with water on fire and bring them…

Jewish Short Stories - Challenges and Growing Moral Stories in English

Jewish Stories – Rabbi Reply..!

Story 1: Rabbi’s Idea to Answer..!! A rabbi spend his all life teaching his disciples that we should look for answers with in ourselves yet his congregation would consult about everything they did. So one day rabbi had an idea so that no one will come to him for everything. He placed a notice on…

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