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30 Inspirational Quotes by Madonna to Encourage You

Inspirational Quotes by Madonna

Madonna is an American singer, Songwriter, Actress and Businesswoman referred to as the ‘Queen of Pop’ since the 1980s. Having sold more than 300 million Records worldwide, Madonna is noted as the Best-selling female recording artist of all time by Guinness World Records.   A lot of People are Afraid to say what they Want….

17 Most Powerful Quotes by Eminem abt Life and Music

17 Best Eminem Quotes on Life n Music

Eminem is an American rapper, Songwriter, Music producer, Record executive and Actor. He is among the World’s Best selling Artists of all time with over 47 million Albums and 220 million records sold.   The Truth is you don’t know What is going to Happen tomorrow. Life is a Crazy ride and nothing is Guaranteed….

28 Elvis Presley Quotes - Wise Words and Quotes for Life

28 Elvis Presley Quotes

Elvis Presley was a famous Singer and an Actor. Presley was considered to be the “King of Rock & Roll”. He was a Famous American Rock Musician and Icon.   You have got to Follow that Dream, Wherever that Dream may Lead. We can’t Build our Dreams on Suspicious minds. Animals don’t Hate and We…

19 Emma Watson Quotes - Quotes about Life n Gender Inequality

19 Emma Watson Quotes

The Face of Feminism, Emma Watson has Never shied away from Raising her voice against Gender inequality. Similar to her Famous on-screen Character “Hermione Granger” in the Harry Potter series. She has also been a Spokesperson at the UN.   The Less you Reveal, the More people can Wonder. If not Me, Who? If not…

16 Inspirational Quotes by Worlds Best Boxer Muhammed Ali Quotes

16 Inspirational Muhammad Ali Quotes

Muhammed Ali is widely Regarded as one of the Greatest Boxers of all time. He was the Heavyweight Champion of the World three times and has Defeated some of the Best boxers in the History of the Sport.   What Keeps me Going is Goals. I Don’t count my Sit-ups. I only start Counting when…

Motivational Quotes by Bruce Lee - Improve Life Quality Inspiring Quotes

19 Motivational Quotes by Bruce Lee

Life’s Battles don’t always go to the Stronger or Faster man. But sooner or Later the man who Wins, is the man who Thinks he Can. For it is Easy to Criticize and Break down the Spirit of others but to Know yourself takes a Lifetime. Always be Yourself, Express Yourself, have Faith in Yourself,…

Keanu Reeves Quotes - Inspiring Words by Famous Celebrity Hollywood

20 Keanu Reeves Quotes

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor, Director, Producer and Musician. He gained Fame for his starring role Performances in Several blockbuster films like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘John Wick’.   #Money Fame is drag. The Paparazzi culture is more Pervasive than it used to be. On the positive side, it’s nice not to have to worry…

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