What is Value of Life? Man Question to Buddha

What is Value of Life Man Question to Buddha

A man went to Buddha and asked, “What is value of life?” Buddha gave him a shinning stone and said, “Go to market and find out about value of this stone and come back. But remember not to sell it to anyone.” Man went to market. First he met a fruit seller and showed him … Read more

One’s Nature and Enlightenment – Buddha Stories

Ones Nature and Enlightenment - Buddha Stories of Wisdom

Story 1: Angry Man Abuses Buddha..! Once somebody came and started insulting and abusing Buddha. Buddha listened silently. When man walked away, one of disciples asked Buddha, “Why did you remain silent?” Buddha said, “Once I was passing through a forest and a branch of a tree fell on me. What do you think? Should … Read more

Buddha and King Story..!

Buddha and King Story - Be Yourself Self Awareness Buddha Short Story

Once a great King decided to go meet Buddha for first time. His wife had been a lay-disciple of Buddha for long time even before she was married to King. When Buddha came to King’s capital, wife said to King, “It doesn’t look right that when a man like Buddha comes to your capital, you … Read more

Blind Man and His Friends Argument – Buddha’s Teaching

Buddha Teaching Story - Blind man and His Friends Argument Short Story

Once Buddha was visiting a small village. There people got to know about his visit and started to come to him about their problems. One day, some people brought a blind man to him and said, “He is blind. We are his closest friends. We told him about light but he is not ready to … Read more

Young Man Request – Buddha Wisdom

Buddha Wisdom - Young man Request to Buddha and his Response Story

One day a young man went to Buddha and seemed very upset. Buddha asked him reason. Young man told him that his father has died and he wants to perform best after life rituals for his father and despite of his father’s good or bad actions in his life, he wants his father’s soul to … Read more

Buddha and Philosopher – Power of Silence

Power of Silence Story - Buddha and Philosopher Spiritual Enlightenment

Once a great philosopher came to Buddha. He had lot of questions to ask. He came to Buddha and started asking questions to him. Buddha listened to him and said, “Do you really want answer? If you really want it, can you pay the price?” Philosopher replied, “My whole life, i have been searching for … Read more

Buddha’s Wisdom – People Hypocrisy Story

Hypocrisy Stories - Hypocrite People and Buddha's Wisdom Moral Story

Buddha was traveling from place to place. Once he decided to stop in a village for few days. Soon, people came to know about him and started to go to him to get his blessings. Some people would go to him to ask solution of their problems. One day, a woman came to him and … Read more

Alms and Sacrifice Stories..!!

Buddha Moral Stories - Wisdom n Good Work Stories

Story 1: Buddha’s Plough and Sow..!! One day while a farmer was on the field getting his harvest ready to take to market, just then Buddha came by and stood in front of him holding a bowl in his hand.. begging for alms. Seeing this farmer got angry and said, “I worked in fields, i … Read more

Buddha’s Wisdom (Must Read)

Buddha Wisdom Stories - Inner Calmness vs Anger Short Moral Story

Once Buddha was sitting under a tree. A man came to him and started abusing him. After abusing Buddha that man stood there waiting for some Buddha’s response or reaction but to his surprise there wasn’t even slightest change in Buddha’s expression. Man got more angry and used more insulting words to insult Buddha. Still … Read more

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