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Effect of Teaching in Life - Buddha Discourse

Effect of Teaching in Life – Buddha’s Discourse

Buddha used to give discourse to his followers. Not only people from village but many people from far away places would come to listen to his discourse. A person used to come from far away, everyday to listen to discourse given by Buddha. For about a month, he continued to come to listen to discourse….

Angry Man Act and Buddha Teaching Story

Angry Man Act and Buddha Teaching Story

While traveling, Buddha reached a village. There crowd of people gathered to listen to his discourse. In discourse, Buddha was teaching people about tolerance and forgiveness. He said, “Anger is fire, which not only burn others but will also burn oneself to ashes. So renounce anger and be forgiving.” An angry person was also sitting…

Three Knots in Rope - Buddha's Teaching

Three Knots in Rope – Buddha’s Teaching

One morning when disciples and people were waiting for Buddha for discourse, they were amazed to see that he had bought something with him. On closer look they saw that he had bought a rope in his hand. Buddha took seat and without saying anything to anyone, he started tying knots in the rope. After…

Young Monk and Amrapali - Buddha's Disciple Story

Young Monk and Amrapali – Buddha’s Disciple Story

In Vaishali lived a famous courtesan Amrapali. She was very beautiful and was declared Nagarvadhu of Vaishali. (In those times, the most beautiful woman of any city will not be allowed to get married to any one person. So the most beautiful woman had to become nagarvadhu – the wife of the whole town.) One…

Buddha Condition for Woman - Mustard Seeds Story

Buddha Condition for Woman – Mustard Seeds Story

Once a woman’s only little child died. She got almost insane and went around with her child body asking people, “Is there any physician anywhere who can make my child alive again? Please tell me.!” It happened that Buddha was coming to town, one of villager said to her, “I don’t know any physician but…

Angulimala Enlightenment Story - Buddha Teaching

Angulimala Enlightenment Story – Buddha Teaching

Long ago, there was man who was a mad murderer. He had taken vow that he would kill one thousand people. Because society hadn’t treated him well, He had decided to take revenge on society by killing one thousand man and from every person killed he would take one finger and make a rosary around…

Knots in Relationships - Buddha Teaching for Happy Life

Knots in Relationships? Buddha Teaching

Once Buddha came to preach his disciples. He had a beautiful piece of cloth (like handkerchief) in his hand. Disciples were surprised as it was very unusual to see Buddha with anything in his hands. When Buddha was addressing everyone, he started tying knots in that piece of cloth. After tying four to five knots…

Ones Nature and Enlightenment - Buddha Stories of Wisdom

One’s Nature and Enlightenment – Buddha Stories

Story 1: Angry Man Abuses Buddha..! Once somebody came and started insulting and abusing Buddha. Buddha listened silently. When man walked away, one of disciples asked Buddha, “Why did you remain silent?” Buddha said, “Once I was passing through a forest and a branch of a tree fell on me. What do you think? Should…

Young Man Enlightenment and Change Stories - Master Teaching Story

Young Man Enlightenment Story

Once a young man belonging to a very rich and aristocratic family, came to Zen master. Young man told Master that he had known everything and indulged in every desire but then he got fed up with everything – fed up with women, wine, money. He said to Master, “Now, i am fed up with…

Buddha and King Story - Be Yourself Self Awareness Buddha Short Story

Buddha and King Story..!

Once a great King decided to go meet Buddha for first time. His wife had been a lay-disciple of Buddha for long time even before she was married to King. When Buddha came to King’s capital, wife said to King, “It doesn’t look right that when a man like Buddha comes to your capital, you…

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