25 Short Quotes – Buddha Wisdom

25 Buddha Wisdom Short Quotes - Motivational Quotes by Buddha

The Root of Suffering is Attachment. Pain is Certain, Suffering is Optional. I Never see What has been Done, I only see What remains to be Done. Peace comes from Within. Do not seek it Without. True Love is Born from Understanding. If you Truly Loved yourself, You could Never Hurt another. If your Compassion … Read more

Buddha Quotes on Happiness n Anger

Buddha Quotes Happiness and Anger - Negative Thoughts Quotes

#Happiness Happiness comes When your Work and Words are of Benefit to Others. Happiness Never Decreases by Being Shared. Happiness is not Having a Lot. Happiness is Giving a lot. There is No path to Happiness. Happiness is the Path. Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination. Happiness does not Depend on What you Have … Read more

22 Buddha Quotes on Self-Care

Buddha Quotes on Self Care - Spiritual Self Learning Motivational Quotes

Buddha, born with the name Siddhartha Gautama, was a Teacher, Philosopher and Spiritual Leader who is considered the Founder of Buddhism.   Every Human being is the Author of his own Health or Disease. Your Body is Precious. It is our Vehicle for Awakening. Treat it with Care. One should Strive to understand what underlies … Read more

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