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Falcon Baby Living with Chicks - Life Lesson

Falcon Baby Living with Chicks!! Life Lesson

Once a farmer found an egg of a bird and he took it to his farm and put it with hen’s egg. Hen started incubating that egg with it’s other eggs. In few days chicks came out of hen’s egg and falcon baby came out of that egg. Falcon baby started growing up with chicks….

Vultures Living on Island - Life of Comfort

Vultures Living on Island – Life of Comfort

Once a herd of vultures reached an island which was situated in middle of sea. There were lots of fishes and sea creatures, vultures had no shortage of food and drinks there. Best part was that there were no wild animals who  would attack them. Vultures were very happy there as they never had lived…

Pigeon's Nest - Moral Story for Kids about Learning Sincerely

Pigeon’s Nest – Story to Teach Kids about Learning Sincerely

Once a couple of pigeons started living on a tree in a forest. After sometime, pigeon laid three eggs on branch of tree. One day, couple went out in search of food, leaving there eggs behind. When pigeons came back, they saw that there eggs were not there. They searched and asked around, they came…

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself Short Moral Story in English

Hungry Crow Thoughts..! Be Yourself

A crow who had recently learned to fly, flying from one place to another, noticed that humans fed chilies to parrots and feed grains to white dove. Crow was hungry and hoping that someone would give him some food as well, he cawed but nobody took note of him. He thought to himself, “It’s better…

Pigeons Trapped in Net - Unity is Strength Moral Story for Kids

Pigeons Trapped in Net – Unity is Strength

Long ago, there lived a flock of pigeon in dense forest. Among them was a wise old pigeon. Every pigeon in flock respected wise old pigeon. During daytime, pigeons used to fly all over the jungle, in search of food and water and before night fall, they used to come back to their nest. One…

Short Stories for Kids - Thirsty Crow Moral Story

Two Short Stories for Kids with Moral

Story 1: Thirsty Crow..!! Once on a hot day, a thirsty crow flew over the fields looking for water. Crow was looking for water for long but was not able to find any. After a little while, he saw a jug of water below. Crow blew straight down to jug. Crow saw that there was…

Two Parrots Story - Why do we Fail Interesting Motivational Moral Story

Two Macaw Parrots Story.! Motivational

Once upon a time, There was a King who was gone to visit neighboring kingdoms. He was gifted a pair of baby Macaw (parrots) by King of last kingdom he visited. King loved the gift as they were the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. Upon returning the kingdom, King called for a bird…

Monkey and Sparrow Story - Foolish Monkeys Panchtantra Stories for Kids

Monkey and Sparrow Story..!!

Once a group of monkeys used to live deep in forest. During one winter, monkeys were feeling cold and needed some fire to lessen cold around them. In meantime, one of those monkey found a firefly which was glowing. It appeared as a ember of fire to him. Seeing it, that monkey called all other…

Old People Wisdom Stories - Never Ignore Advice of Elder Moral Stories

Wisdom Stories – Old Swan Advice..!!

Once near a pond was a very big tree. There lived a big group of swans. In that group lived an old swan who was very wise, intelligent and far-sighted. Everyone around respected him. One day, old swan saw a small vine wrapped at the bottom of tree trunk. He called other swans and said,…

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