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Tree Refusal to Bird's Request! Story about Rejection

Tree Refusal to Bird’s Request! Story about Rejection

Rainy days were about to come. A pair of birds was looking for a tree to build a nest. While flying they saw trees at bank of a river. There they found one tree suited to build nest for themselves. Birds went to tree and requested, “We need to build our nest before rainy season…

Want to be Rich - Poor Man Request to Guru

Want to be Rich – Poor Man Request to Guru

Once there was a poor man. He used to go his Guru’s ashram everyday and used to serve his Guru by doing cleaning work at ashram. After that man would go to his work. One day, Guru asked him, “Why do you come to ashram everyday?” Poor man replied, “If you bless me then a…

Little Boy Go to Forest to Pray - Why?

Little Boy Go to Forest to Pray – Why?

Everyday, after school, Rabbi’s son would enter his house and keep his school bag on table and leave the house through back door. At first, Rabbi didn’t gave it much thought. But when it continued for weeks, Rabbi got concerned. Everyday, his son would leave from back door and would return back after an hour….

Secret of Happiness in Old Age (Must Read)

Secret of Happiness in Old Age (Must Read)

Once the famous Greek philosopher Socrates went to a city while traveling. There he met an old gentleman. After talking for a while, they got along quite well with each other. The old gentleman urged Socrates to come to his residence. Socrates agreed and came to his house. Old gentleman had a full family, many…

Growing Best Quality Corn - Farmer's Secret

Growing Best Quality Corn – Farmer’s Secret!

A farmer used to grow very good quality corn in his fields. He would participate in National crop fair and used to win every year. One year a reporter came to competition to interview him, curious to know how he has been able to win every year. When winner was announced, this year too that…

Cashier Mistake and Customer’s Dilemma

Once a man went to bank to withdraw some money. Customer filled form and gave to cashier. Cashier processed form and gave customer his withdrawn money. When customer took money, he realized that cashier had given him 1,40,000rs instead of 1,20,000 which he had filled in form. Customer saw that cashier had no idea of…

Two Babies Conversation - Does God Exist

Two Babies Conversation – Does God Exist?

Once two people were talking about God, if God exist. One said, “There is no God.” Second replied, “OK. I will tell you a short story. Then think for yourself.” Second person continued, “In a mother’s womb were two babies talking to each other. First questioned to other – Do you believe in life after…

Seth and Ghost Story - Deep meaning (Must Read)

Seth and Ghost Story – Deep meaning (Must Read)

A tantrik once caught a ghost and went to city to sell it. There he met a Seth (rich man). Seth asked him, “Brother what are you selling?” Tantrik replied, “It is a ghost. He has immense power and no matter how difficult the task is, he can complete it in an instant. It can…

Saint and Young Man Story - Uprooting Bad Habit

Saint and Young Man Story – Uprooting Bad Habit

Once in a village lived a wealthy man was very worried because of bad habits of his son. He tried every way to make his son understand and leave bad habits but to no avail. One day, wealthy man got to know that a saint has come to their village. Man went to saint and…

Teacher Assignment for Kids - Story about Hatred

Bag of Tomatoes – Teacher Assignment for Kids

One day a teacher asked her students, “Tomorrow, all of you bring some tomatoes in a plastic bag to school but there is condition to how many number of tomatoes each one of you have to bring..” Students asked, “What is it?” Teacher replied, “You should give each tomato a name of person you hate…

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