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Spider Story in English - Stuck in Life Learning Stories with Best Moral

Stuck in Life? Spider Story

Once upon a time, there was a spider who used to live in basements of museum. Spider’s web was spin alongside paintings that were in basement for years. Spider’s web was artistic and had made most beautiful web in whole museum. It was really spectacular and spider took all effort into looking after his web….

Short Stories With Moral Values - Never Look Down on Others Lesson

Short Stories with Moral – Scholar Arrogance..!!

Once in a city lived a religious scholar. Most time of his day would pass studying and praying. His daily routine was to wake up before dawn and then get ready to pray and would study for hours. In evening he would do minimal financial dealings, just enough to earn him basic needs and again…

Problems in Life Moral Story - Sage and Travelers Wonderful Story abt Life

Problems in Life – Sage and Traveler Story

Once there was a famous sage who used to live up in Himalaya mountains far away at place where not many people would go. Still people who heard about him would walk up the difficult path to meet him. One day a group of travelers who went up on mountains, got to know about that…

Best Moral Stories for Kids - Beautiful Heart Touching Motivational Stories

Best Moral Story – Compassion (Must Read)

Story 1: Adhere to Your Own Rules.. Once a man was walking by a park and he heard a voice from nearby bushes. When he looked there, he saw that a cat was stuck there that needed help. Man tried to reach down to cat to get it out but cat got scared and started…

Think Twice Before Judging Others - Best Moral Stories with Important Life Lesson

Fisherman and Sage..!! (Must Read)

A sage used to live outside village. He used to wake up early in morning for his routine and go to river bank to take bath and meditate. One day on reaching there he saw a man lying on ground with his head kept on woman’s lap and beside him was an empty bottle of…

Story about Helping Others - People Facing Problems in Life Moral Stories

Helping Others – Mouse Trap.!

Once in a village at a farmer’s house lived a mouse. It caused a lot of trouble for farmer’s wife. One day mouse saw that farmer’s wife was opening a package. Mouse went near to see if it was of food. But it was devastated to found that it was a mousetrap. Scared mouse retreated…

Short Stories on Rumors - Rumour is a Great Traveler Best Moral Stories

Rumor Story – Wise Judge (Must Read)

Once in a village there was an old man who was didn’t like his young neighbor. So he spread rumors saying, “My neighbor is a thief..” One day a theft happened in same neighborhood and because of rumor everyone doubted that young man. As a result he was arrested. Some days later after investigation young man…

Moral Stories on Judgement - Judging Situations Short Stories to Share

Judgement Stories – Old Man’s Horse

Once there was an poor old man used to live in a village. He was poor yet even king’s were jealous of him because of a beautiful white horse he owned. He was offered fabulous prices and money to sell that horse but old man would refuse saying, “This is not just horse to me,…

Buddha Wisdom Stories - Inner Calmness vs Anger Short Moral Story

Buddha’s Wisdom (Must Read)

Once Buddha was sitting under a tree. A man came to him and started abusing him. After abusing Buddha that man stood there waiting for some Buddha’s response or reaction but to his surprise there wasn’t even slightest change in Buddha’s expression. Man got more angry and used more insulting words to insult Buddha. Still…

Short Moral Stories - Positive Attitude Moral Stories

Reaction or Response Stories

Story 1: World is a Mirror..!! Once there was a museum in which there was a room which was made of mirrors. Its wall, roof and even floor was made of mirrors. One day care taker of that museum forgot to lock the back door of museum which lead directly to that mirror room. A…

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