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Three Toys and Their Value - King and Toy Seller Story

Three Toys and Their Value – King n Toy Seller Story

A man who used to travel and sell toys. One day he arrived at a kingdom where he came to know that King of that Kingdom like to see new toys. He went to King’s palace where court was being held. Toy seller said, “Today i will show you toys which you had never seen…

What is the Value of a Human? Father Son Story

What is the Value of a Human? Father Son Story

Once there was a boy name Arav. His father used to run an iron shop where he used to help his father with his work. One day he asked his father, “What is the value of a human is this world?” Father was surprised by this question. Father thought for a while and said, “Son,…

Rope Marks on Stone - Importance of Practice

Rope Marks on Stone – Importance of Practice

In ancient times, Children were sent to Gurukul to study. Students used to study and do small chores under their Guru’s guidance while staying in Gurukul. One boy name Varadraja was also sent to Gurukul to study. Soon, he got friendly with other students in Gurukul but he was very weak in studies. He would…

Planting Seed - Young Executives Test Story abt Honesty

Planting Seed – Young Executives Test Story

Once a successful Business man was growing old, he knew that it was time for him to choose a successor to take over his business. In morning, he called all young executives in his company and said, “It’s time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. All of you will get chance…

Painter Job and Hole in Boat - Small Help Heartwarming Story

Painter Job and Hole in Boat – Inspiring Story

Once a boat owner decided to get his boat paint. So one day, he called a painter and asked him to paint his boat. Painter bought with him paint and brushes and began to paint boat with bright red color as owner asked him. While painting boat, he realized that there was a hole in…

Sculptor Reply - Excellence in Work Inspirational Story

Best Moral Stories – Excellence in Work and Honesty Story

Story 1: Sculptor Reply..! Excellence in Work Once a man visited a temple under construction in India. There he saw a sculptor making an Idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying near by. Surprised he asked to sculptor, “Do you need two statues of same idol?” Without even looking up, busy with…

Doing Work for Benefits for Others - Kign and Old Gardener Story

Working with Others – Moral Stories for Kids

Story 1: Award Winning Corn Once in a State lived a farmer who grew award winning corn. Each year he would enter State fair corn competition and won blue ribbon. One year a newspaper reporter interviews him and asked him, “What’s your secret? How are you able to win this competition every year?” Farmer replied,…

Dervish Stories - Sufi Saint Inspirational Best Short Interesting Moral Story

Dervish Lost in Desert Story

Once there was a wandering dervish (members of a Sufi fraternity) was lost in desert and was starving. He had nothing with him. As he was walking along an old pathway in desert, in search of something to eat, he found an empty sack that had been thrown there on road by previous passer by….

God is Watching You Story - Never Do Wrong Stories for Kids with Moral

God is Watching You..!!

Once two men came to Sage who used to live in forest inside a small hut. They requested him to allow them to be his students. Sage asked them to come next day. Next day when they came, Sage was holding two birds in his hands. He asked them to hold on to birds. Both…

Control Desires Moral Story

Once a sage was passing through market place. On his way he saw a man selling dates (Khajur). Seeing him, Sage thought for a while about eating those dates but then he controlled his desire and left but later at night he was not able to sleep at all. Next morning, he went to a…

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