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Unhappy Old Man Story - Motivational Stories for Adults

Old Man/ Wise Man Story – Motivational Stories for Adults

Story 1: Unhappy Old Man..! Once in a village lived an old man who was considered himself most unfortunate person in the world. He would always stay gloomy and constantly complained and was always in bad mood. Whole Village was tired of his this behavior. Longer he lived, more he became bile and more poisonous…

Three pieces of Advice instead of Money - Man Wise Choice

Three Pieces of Advice – Man’s Wise Choice

Once a young newly wedded couple lived in a small farm. They were poor and there were not any job around for man to do. So one day, husband said to his wife, “My love, For work i have to leave house and travel far away to get a job so that i can earn…

Clever Camel and Fox Story - Fox Trickery Story with Advice for Kids

Clever Camel and Fox Story

Once a fox used to live near a garden, from there he would eat his fill and return. One day, gardener found out about him and patched the hole from which fox used to come inside garden. Fox was not able to find any way to get back into garden and grew hungrier, with each…

Problems in Life Story - Hundred Camels Deep Meaning Motivational Story

Problems in Life – Hundred Camels Story…!!

In district of Rajasthan lived a man who was always troubled by one or other problem and was not happy with his life. One day, he got to know that a saint with his convoy has come to city. Man decided to go to saint. In evening he went to his place and after waiting…

Be Content in Life Story - Brothers Stories with Moral Lesson fr Happy Life

Be Content in Life – Three Brothers Wishes..!!

Once upon a time in a village lived three brothers named Sam, Tom and Ben in a small cottage. There were honest and hardworking. They were able to earn just enough money to live a decent life. Even though they lived a decent life, they were unhappy. They felt that they need something more to…

Unity is Strength Short Story - Bundle of Sticks Short Moral Stories for Kids in Eng

Unity is Strength – Brothers Story

Once in a village an old man used to live with his four Son. Four brother always used to quarrel among themselves. Seeing this their father felt very sad and wanted to end their dispute. Father trying to talk to them but still he failed to heal their disputes. At last he thought of an…

Old Man Wisdom - Confucius And Old Man Short Stories Lao Tzu Teaching

Confucius Story – Old Man Fitness..!

Once Confucius was passing by a village where he saw an old man with his young son pulling water from the well. Confucius was confused to see this as at that time people harness horses or oxen to pull water from the well. Confucius with concern went to old man and said, “Why are you…

Lao Tzu Teachings - Short Story of Lao Tzu Teachings abt Life Philosophy

Lao Tzu Teachings

Lao Tzu spent years meditating to understand essence of life. In reign of Zhao he realized that war would break out and will destroy place where he lived. So he made simplest possible choice and decided to move to another place. He took few of his belongings and set off. On his way to leaving,…

Father Son Story with Moral - Short Moral Stories about Problems in Life

Father Son Story – Large Stone!

Once a father and son were working in garden. Child wanted to get appreciated by his father so he was trying his best to help his father by performing minor works as directed by his father. Father and his son were working on different sides of garden. Father saw a stone on his son side….

Best Advice for Better Life - Practical and Motivational Tips for Social Life

Tips for Better Life.! Motivational

21 Practical and Motivational Advice’s for Better Life..!! 1. Think twice before Burdening a friend with a Secret. 2. Beware of the person who has nothing to Lose. 3. Never waste an Opportunity to tell someone you Love them. 4. When someone Hugs you, Let them be the first to let go. 5. Take charge…