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Three Balls Story - Reason for Unhappiness

Three Balls Story – Reason for Unhappiness

Once there was a man who was very successful in his life but in spite of having everything, he was not happy. One day man got to know about saint who came to his city. Man went to Saint and said, “I have car, bungalow, money and all means of luxury, still i am not…

King Stuck in Difficult Situation - Monk Advice

King Stuck in Difficult Situation – Monk Advice

Once a Monk was pleased with service of King. Before leaving, he gave King a tails man and said, “Always keep it with you and whenever such a situation comes in life, you feel everything is going to end now, if you feel yourself trapped, when there is despair and frustration, then you open this…

Saint Warning to King about Demon!

Saint Warning to King about Demon!

Once a King wanted to become more powerful. He got to know about a saint who had came to his kingdom and was famous for helping people. King went to saint and said to him, “Please tell me a way to become more powerful.” Saint pointed towards a path and said, “Path you seeing in…

Saint's Advice to Irritated Man - Be Happy

Saint’s Advice to Irritated Man!

Once in a village, lived a poor man whose name was Jhannu. He was always irritated. It was in his nature to quarrel unnecessarily. If someone asked Jhannu – Can you tell me time? He would reply angrily – Have you bought me this watch? My time is already bad, now you have also come…

Elderly Advice to Young Man - Be Careful

Elderly Advice to Young Man – Be Careful

There was small village on edge of forest. Forest surrounding village had many wild animals. That’s why it was very important for people of village to have knowledge of climbing trees, so that they could save their lives by climbing trees when faced with wild animals. An elderly who used to live in that village….

Know Your Value - Father's Gift to Son

Know Your Value – Father’s Gift to Son

Giving a car key to his son, father said, “Son, you have completed you graduation with very good marks. Here is my gift for your graduation. Your grandfather gave me this car as my graduation gift. Now i want you to keep it.” Son said, “But.. it’s old…” Father said to his son, “Son, i…

Free Food Service by Rich Man!! Story about Charity

Free Food Service by Rich Man!!

Once a Seth (Rich man) started a free food service place for the poor. Spirit of charity was less in him but still he did charity because he wanted society to praise him as generous person. He had wholesale business. At end of month, whatever grains were left which were not good to be sold…

Reason to Stay Calm - Story for Mother/Wife

Reason to Stay Calm!!

Husband said to his wife – I am going out with my friends. She replied – Ok. After a while, son said – Mother, i got my results for mock exams and it’s not good. Son expected to get a scolding from his mother but to his surprise, his mother calmly said – Ok. If…

Growing Best Quality Corn - Farmer's Secret

Growing Best Quality Corn – Farmer’s Secret!

A farmer used to grow very good quality corn in his fields. He would participate in National crop fair and used to win every year. One year a reporter came to competition to interview him, curious to know how he has been able to win every year. When winner was announced, this year too that…

Kid Teaching at Gurukul - Way to Live Better Life

Kid Teaching at Gurukul – Way to Live Better Life

Once a man was passing by a Gurukul. He saw that a ten year old child was surrounded by some younger kids. Man stood there watching them. When younger kids left. Man went to ten year old kid and said, “What were you doing?” Kid replied, “I just taught them in their first class.” Man…

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