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Zen Master Short Stories - Way to Live Happy Life Moral Stories in English

Zen Master Story – Salt in Lake.!

Once a young man was very unhappy with his life. He felt depressed and terrible all the time. He got to know about a zen master in near by town. One day he decided to visit master and ask for solution. Young man went to him and said, “I have so many problems in life…

Parable of Long Spoons - Heaven or Hell Stories for Moral and Happy Life

Parable of Long Spoons

Once a holy man met God. He was always curious to know about heaven and hell so when he met God he asked, “Can you tell me what heaven or hell is like??” God smiled and took him to another world. There they were standing in front of two doors. God asked him to go…

Being Happy Moral Stories - Old Lady in Nursing Home Inspirational Story

Being Happy – Old Lady at Nursing Home.!

An 90 year old lady had lost her husband and now had to move to nursing home. So the day she had to move to nursing home in morning she woke up early got dressed properly with perfectly applied makeup. She was ready to move to nursing home. Cab was called to take her to…

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