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Stonecutter and his Wishes - Japanese Folktales about Desires

The Stonecutter and his Wishes..!

Once upon a time, lived a stonecutter, who would go to big mountain everyday and cut out slabs for houses. He was a very careful workman and had plenty of…

Right Way to Live Life - Two Monks Different Perspective Story Life Lesson

Right Way to Live Life – Two Monks Story

Once two monk returned to their place, after being away for months, traveling around world giving lectures and praying. When they returned home, they were tired and just wanted to…

Rich Man Story - Sufi Saint Strange to Show a Way to Attain Bliss Story

Sufi Saint and Rich Man Story

Once in a city, lived a rich man. He used to think that once he became richest person, he will feel perfectly happy. Over years he worked very hard and…

Couple Story - Searching for Perfectly Happy Couple Interesting Story

Perfect Happiness – Couple Story

Once a young couple lived in city. They were living a happy life together but they would still worry about if their happiness would last forever. One day, they heard…

Happy Monk Story - Best Story about Happiness of Spiritual Enlightenment

Happy Monk Story

Once upon a time, lived a high class rich man in a kingdom. As he rich man became older and realized that suffering for old age was about same for…

How to be Happy Always - How to Make Peace with Yourself Short Story

Way to be Happy Always

In a small village lived a man name Ram who was kind and always happy. He used to smile always and had kind and encouraging words to say, whenever it…

Be Happy with What you have Story - Best Moral Stories abt Being Happy

Saint and Wealthy Man..!

Once a saint visited a town for some days. During his stay saint would pray silently sitting under a tree. People got to know about him and would come to…

Zen Master Short Stories - Way to Live Happy Life Moral Stories in English

Zen Master Story – Salt in Lake.!

Once a young man was very unhappy with his life. He felt depressed and terrible all the time. He got to know about a zen master in near by town….