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Two Diaries - Husband Wife Heart Touching Story

Two Diaries – Husband Wife Heart Touching Story

On the eve of wedding anniversary, husband and wife were sitting together drinking tea and talking. They were a perfect couple in the eyes of world. There was a lot of love between them but with time, it seemed that complaints were increasing between them. While talking, wife made a proposal, “I have a lot…

How Much Do You Earn - Father Son Emotional Story

How Much Do You Earn? – Father Son Emotional Story

A man came home late from work. He was tired and irritated. When he reach home, he found his 5 years old waiting for him at door. When his son saw him, he asked, “Daddy, may i ask you a question?” Father replied, “Yeah, sure what it is?” Son asked, “Daddy, how much do you…

Prayer Answered Stories - Old Woman Prayer Heart Touching Story

Old Woman Prayer Answered (Must Read)

Once a very well known doctor, named Dr. Stephen was on his way to medical conference, where he was to be given an award for his medical research, he had done recently. Dr. Stephen was very excited to attend conference and wanted to reach at conference as soon as possible. However, an hours after flight…

True Friends Story - Best Heart Touching Emotional Story of True Friendship

King’s Order – True Friendship Story

Once in a Kingdom, a man name Liam protested again King, King was arrogant he didn’t like anyone who would go against him so he ordered his soldiers to arrest and hang that man. Liam didn’t resisted and said, “My Lord, I will gladly accept your punishment but please grant me one last wish. Please…

Two Friends Story - Care and Affection in Friendship Short Emotional Moral Stories

Best Friends Story..!!

Long Ago, in a village lived two friends Raman and Tarun. Raman was from wealthy family where as Tarun was from poor family. Despite their status difference they used to stay with each other all the time and were best friends. As time went by both grew up and got busy with their life. With…

Beautiful Emotional Stories - Son Gift to Parents Heart Touching Story to Share

Emotional Story – Son’s Gift

An old couple used to live alone in their house. One day door bell rang. Old man got up and opened door. He saw that a postman was standing in front of him with an envelope and a postcard. Old man closed door and looked at envelope. On envelope in bold letter it was written…

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