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25 Spiritually Inspirational Quotes by Sadhguru

25 Spiritually Inspirational Quotes by Sadhguru

Man needs Entertainment simply to hide his Madness. If he was perfectly Sane, He would Not need Entertainment. To be Human means you can Mold situations you are Living in the Way you want them. Learning to listen is the Essence of intelligent Living. Confidence and Stupidity are a very Dangerous combination but They generally…

23 Self-Awareness Motivational Quotes by Sadhguru

23 Self-Awareness Motivational Quotes by Sadhguru

Jaggi Vasudev, is Popularly known by Sadhguru. He is a Master of Spiritualism, Author, Good Speaker and always ready to help the Human society. He is also a Founder of ‘The Isha Foundation’ and known for his Wisdom, Orator, Yoga and Self-realization.   How deeply you Touch another Life, is how Rich your Life is….

20 Motivating Quotes - Words of Wisdom by Confucius

20 Motivating Quotes – Words of Wisdom by Confucius

The Superior man makes the Difficulty to be Overcome his First Interest, Success only comes Later. The Superior man is Distressed by the Limitations of his Ability. He is not Distressed by the fact that men do not Recognize the Ability that he has. The Object of the Superior man is Truth. The Superior man…

12 Mind and Awareness Quotes - Bodhidharma Teaching

12 Awareness Quotes – Bodhidharma Teaching

Only the Wise know this Mind, this mind called Dharma-nature, this mind called Liberation. Neither Life nor Death can restrain this Mind. Nothing can. It’s also called the Unstoppable, the Incomprehensible, the Sacred Self, the Immortal, the Great Sage. Its names Vary but not its Essence. The Mind and the world are Opposites and Vision…

Bodhidharma Quotes about Mind Delusion and Nature

Bodhidharma Quotes about Mind

When you Don’t understand, you Depend on Reality. When you do Understand, Reality depends on You. If You use your Mind to study Reality, You won’t understand either your Mind or Reality. If you Study reality without using your Mind, You will understand Both. As long as you Look for a Buddha somewhere Else, You…

30 Short Quotes in English by Chinese Zen Master Bodhidharma

30 Short Quotes – Zen Master Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma was a 5th century Buddhist Monk. He is regarded as its First Chinese patriarch. Bodhidharma’s Practice and Teachings are centered on Meditation.   In Order to see a Fish, You must Watch the Water. The Dharma is the Truth that all Natures are Pure. As long as you are Enthralled by a Lifeless Form,…

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