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Monk Offer to Sailor! Story to Make You Think

Monk Offer to Sailor! Story to Make You Think

Everyday a sailor used to take a monk from one side of river to another side. He would not take anything in return. Sailor was not well educated but there was no lack of understanding. On way, monk used to talk about his knowledge with sailor, sometimes telling him about omnipresence of God, sometimes he…

King Invitation and Doubts - Zen Story

King Invitation and Doubts – Zen Story

Once there was King who used to go on round of his Kingdom in disguise. Every night he would go to see whether things were alright or there was some trouble about which he didn’t know. He saw a very beautiful and silent man standing under a tree. Whatever time of night he went, that…

Deer Story - Gardener Plan to Trap Deer n Danger of Addiciton Moral Story

Danger of Addiction – Deer Story

Once upon a time, There was a gardener who looked after King’s pleasure garden. Garden was beautiful and sometimes animals from near by forest would come to garden. King had instructed gardener that if he sees any strange or rare animal in garden then he should at once inform King about it. One day, gardener…

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